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Energy Lens 1.6.1
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  Size:3.22 MB
  Publisher:BizEE Software Ltd
  Date Added:Jan 27, 2011
  License [?]:Shareware (USD$495.00 to buy)
  Operating System:WinXP, WinVista, WinNT, WinME, Win98, Win7, Win2000
  Requirements:Excel 2010, Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Excel XP (Excel 2002), Excel 2000, or Excel 97; Meter that records energy consumption at short, regular intervals
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Publisher's Description of Energy Lens
" Helps businesses to save energy by discovering wastage and improving efficiency. "
- From BizEE Software Ltd

Energy Lens is a software tool for charting and analyzing energy consumption. It's used by energy managers and facilities managers to monitor and manage their energy use, and by the energy consultants and building-services engineers that advise them.

The main premise is simple: it's much easier to save energy when you can see how you're using it.

Energy Lens turns energy-consumption data into useful charts and figures. You can use these charts and figures for lots of different purposes, but for energy saving it's mainly about finding:

* When and where you're wasting energy...
* How much energy you're wasting...
* How much progress you've made at reducing consumption.

This data analysis is right at the core of energy management - the process that underpins all the most successful energy-saving efforts.

Trying to save energy without this information is a bit like trying to get somewhere in a strange city without any road signs or maps... It'll take much longer, you'll miss the easy shortcuts, and you'll never really know how far you've gone or how far you've got left to go.

Analyzing your energy-consumption data can help you to figure out where to start with your energy-saving efforts, where to go next, and how well you're doing as you go along.

Conceptually it's a simple process...

But doing this analysis manually (or using Excel alone) tends to get a little complicated, and the tedious data manipulation takes up precious time that could be better spent doing something that a computer can't do for you...

Hence the value in energy management software to assist with this sort of data analysis. And hence the value in Energy Lens.

Key Features:

* Simplicity: Energy Lens is very easy to pick-up and use productively. It's been designed to make analysis of interval energy data as fast and as cost-effective as possible, so that you can focus on saving the business money without costing it too much time.

* Flexibility: Energy Lens has a number of advanced features to give you precise control over the generated charts and figures. For example, Energy Lens makes it easy to:
- Focus on particular days-of-the-week and times-of-the-day (e.g. to look at individual tariff cost-bands, or occupancy hours only).
- Configure specific days that should be excluded from certain types of analysis (e.g. bank holidays and shutdown periods).

The upshot of this is that you can rapidly create charts and tables containing the exact information you need to work out how best to cut energy costs.

* Compatibility
- Tight integration with Excel: Energy Lens creates charts and tables directly in Excel - you can save them, edit them, copy and paste them into reports and presentations, or email them on to a colleague.
- Works with virtually any interval energy data that can be opened in Excel (5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute, 20-minute, half-hourly, hourly). Interval energy data invariably comes in either an Excel spreadsheet file, or a CSV file (which can be opened directly in Excel).

Limitations in downloadable version:

30-day trial.

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