AMX Mod X 1.8.1

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AMX Mod X 1.8.1
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  Size:6.70 MB
  Publisher:AMX Mod X Dev Team
  Date Added:May 20, 2010
  License [?]:Open Source
  Operating System:WinXP, WinVista, WinNT, WinME, Win98, Win95, Win7, Win2003, Win2000, Unix
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Publisher's Description of AMX Mod X
" A versatile Half-Life metamod plugin providing comprehensive scripting for the game engine and its mods. Based on the original AMX Mod. "
- From AMX Mod X Dev Team

AMX Mod X is a versatile Half-Life metamod plugin which is targeted toward server administration.
It has a wide array of scripting capabilities so people can write "plugins", or files which add on to a mod's functionality.

Plugins can take form in administrative services (adding new admin commands), statistics generation (StatsX), fun additions (godmode, etc), gameplay changes (WC3, CSDM), and much, much more!

You can also write modules to expand the functionality of AMX Mod X and add to the scripting language.

AMX Mod X and AMX Mod
AMX Mod X was originally based on AMX Mod, a similar Half-Life modification by OLO. However, AMX Mod began to slip into poor project policies (lack of public input, no open source enforcement, no central source code maintained, and much more).

Due to the dead appearance of the project as all maintainers had disappeared into oblivion, the AMX Mod X project was started.

Since then, the AMX Mod X project has come a long way. Nearly every portion of AMX Mod has been either rewritten from the ground up, cleaned up, or changed to work in a new system.

AMX Mod X is not AMX Mod. And better yet, it's almost fully backward compatible.

Feature List
* Creating client and server-side commands and variables
* Default and customizable server administration tools
- Kicking/Banning
- Slot Reservation
- Text file or MySQL enabled admin system
- Voting
- Management Commands (chat, map changing, cvar changing, etc)
- Flood Protection
- Weapon Restriction
- Statistics
* Scriptability through large function library
- Inter-plugin communication
- Event listening
- Network message hooking
- Entity and engine modification
- Gamedll and engine function call hooking
- Sockets
- Mod-specific extra support for:
+ Counter-Strike, Condition Zero
+ Day of Defeat
+ Natural Selection
+ Team Fortress Classic
+ The Specialists
+ Earth's Special Forces
- Regular Expressions
- Menu Creation
- Debugger

* Modularity
- Comprehensive M/DK for interacting with scripts
- Easily attach and use Metamod
- Plug 'n Use - MDK requires almost no modification to compile
- Written in C/C++ - total flexibility

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