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Download Any Files for Poster Any Files for Poster
The program converts documents of any program like Word, Excel etc. into bitmaps.
 File Size:566 KB
Download Appointments Appointments
If you don't want to forget events and don't want to write down on paper.
 File Size:355 KB
Download AVI 2 DVD & VCD AVI 2 DVD & VCD
Convert AVI and MPG videos into DVD's and Video CD's (SVCD and VCD).
 File Size:1.59 MB
Download Biorhythms Biorhythms
With Biorhythms you can analyse your Biorhythm cycles.
 File Size:331 KB
Download Biorhythms (Palm OS) Biorhythms (Palm OS)
Analyse your Biorhythm cycles.
 File Size:9 KB
Download Business Card Printery Business Card Printery
Design and print Business Cards. Select from 2000 templates.
 File Size:715 KB
Download Calendar-Printery Calendar-Printery
Print your personal calendar with all your dates and your favorite picture!
 File Size:1.26 MB
Download CD to MP3 Ripper CD to MP3 Ripper
Save the music from your music cd's as mp3 or wav file on your harddisk.
 File Size:565 KB
Download CD-Cover CD-Cover
Print you own CD Covers for your Audio and Data CDs or DVDs.
 File Size:720 KB
Download CD-Menusystem CD-Menusystem
Create automatic starting CD user interfaces as known from PC magazine CD's.
 File Size:686 KB
Download Dictionary German Dictionary German
Englich-German/German-English Dictionary with 29000 word entries.
 File Size:553 KB
Download DWG & DXF 2 JPEG & Co. DWG & DXF 2 JPEG & Co.
Batch convert CAD drawings from DWG or DXF file format to image files (JPEG...).
 File Size:729 KB
Download DXF 2 PDF DXF 2 PDF
Convert CAD plans and drawings from DXF file format into the PDF file format.
 File Size:811 KB
Download Easy-Copy Easy-Copy
Photocopier program that makes colour copies of your documents.
 File Size:639 KB
Download Easy-Form-Printery Easy-Form-Printery
Scan, fill and printout forms with ease! You can fill out every form!
 File Size:940 KB
Download Easy-FTP Easy-FTP
Transfer files between your PC and a FTP server.
 File Size:444 KB
Download eMail-Printery eMail-Printery
Print as much eMails with one click as you wish. Also it saves multiple eMails.
 File Size:367 KB
Download Face-OP Face-OP
Disfigure and distort photos (e.g. faces) merrily.
 File Size:618 KB
Download Family Tree-Printery Family Tree-Printery
Create and print your family tree with pictures and resumes.
 File Size:659 KB
Download Flash-Creator Flash-Creator
Create your own flash movies within seconds.
 File Size:795 KB
Download Font-Effects Font-Effects
Text creation tool that produces graphics for use in presentations or on the Web.
 File Size:775 KB
Download HTML-Encrypter HTML-Encrypter
Encrypt the source code of your HTML files. The files look normal in any Bowser.
 File Size:441 KB
Download HTML2Exe Baler HTML2Exe Baler
Create your own Windows exe file from your HTML files.
 File Size:544 KB
Download Meta-Morpher Meta-Morpher
Morphing program which transforms one picture step wise into another.
 File Size:644 KB
Download MID 2 WAV MID 2 WAV
Convert MID files into WAV files with one click.
 File Size:340 KB
Download Mosaic-Pictures Mosaic-Pictures
Create your own mosaic pictures (assembled from different smaller pictures).
 File Size:649 KB
Download MP3 and WAV Solutions MP3 and WAV Solutions
Converts MP3 files easily and quickly into WAV files and back.
 File Size:608 KB
Download OCR-TextScan 2 Word OCR-TextScan 2 Word
Don't waste your time: Scan paper documents for editing in word.
 File Size:602 KB
Download Paper 2 PDF Paper 2 PDF
Scan the documents and then save them with all the sheets in one pdf file.
 File Size:619 KB
Download Paper/Picture 2 DXF Paper/Picture 2 DXF
Convert CAD drawings from paper sheets or pictures into digital DXF files.
 File Size:536 KB
Download PDF 2 DXF PDF 2 DXF
Convert PDF files with CAD drawings inside into DXF files.
 File Size:1.74 MB
Download PDF 2 HTML PDF 2 HTML
PDF 2 HTML can open PDF files. It recognizes the texts, the layout and images.
 File Size:771 KB
Download PDF 2 ImagePDF PDF 2 ImagePDF
Convert PDF files into pictures (JPG, BMP etc...) or into PDF files with pics.
 File Size:1.88 MB
Download PDF 2 Word PDF 2 Word
Open a pdf file and save the content of the document as word file.
 File Size:1.76 MB
Download PDF Editor PDF Editor
Edit PDF files now! You can write annotations, add text, change the text etc.
 File Size:1.83 MB
Download PDF Editor Objects PDF Editor Objects
Edit PDF files just like a vector objects. Select, scale, move and rotate.
 File Size:1.92 MB
Download PDF Reader PDF Reader
Free program to view, modify and print pdf files.
 File Size:1.89 MB
Download PDF Server Script PDF Server Script
Add text and pictures to existing pdf files with the help of a script language.
 File Size:620 KB
Download PDF Slideshow PDF Slideshow
Create PDF files with your photos and pictures as Slideshow.
 File Size:717 KB
Download PDF Watermarks PDF Watermarks
Simply add a watermark (texts and pictures) to all of your PDF files.
 File Size:824 KB
Download PDF-Creator PDF-Creator
Create PDF files from each application able to produce a printer output.
 File Size:2.04 MB
Download PDF-Forms PDF-Forms
Fill out PDF forms, save them and print them. You can add form fields to PDFs.
 File Size:964 KB
Download PDF-PhotoAlbum PDF-PhotoAlbum
Now you can create you digital photo albums as professional PDF files.
 File Size:671 KB
Download PDF-Security PDF-Security
Protect PDF files against unauthorized access and encrypt them.
 File Size:387 KB
Download Photo-Album Photo-Album
Manage and categorize your digital photos. Slideshow function.
 File Size:731 KB
Download Photo-Colorizer Photo-Colorizer
Give your black/white photos realistic colors! Predefined colors skin, sky, water.
 File Size:607 KB
Download Photo-Printer Photo-Printer
Create collages out of your picture material. Arrange pictures on the worksheet.
 File Size:664 KB
Download PhotoRetouch PhotoRetouch
Edit and retouch photos. Show all you pictures as Thumbnails.
 File Size:632 KB
Download PlayAnyCD PlayAnyCD
Play music CD's on your PC.
 File Size:330 KB
Download Pool Billiard Pool Billiard
A little Billiard simulation. You can play against the computer or a real person.
 File Size:257 KB
Download Poster-Printery Poster-Printery
Print your own very big posters and pass photos.
 File Size:1.55 MB
Download Ringtone Editor Ringtone Editor
Create your own ringtones for your realtone mobile! Import from an audio CD.
 File Size:489 KB
Download Screen 2 WebFlash Screen 2 WebFlash
Record screen action and save it as Flash movie for your website! Make tutorials.
 File Size:901 KB
Download Serial-Mails Serial-Mails
Send personalized newsletters and serial emails with typical newsletter design.
 File Size:649 KB
Download SlideShow SlideShow
Create professional slideshows and presentations! With video export.
 File Size:810 KB
Download Text 2 Speech Text 2 Speech
Converts text (txt, doc, pdf, htm, rtf) into spoken audio.
 File Size:588 KB
Download Voice-Warper Voice-Warper
Distort voices in form of wav files. You can change pitch and speed of the voice.
 File Size:410 KB
Download Web ImageGrabber Web ImageGrabber
Download all pictures on any homepage. Follows all links to find all pictures.
 File Size:712 KB
Download Web PhotoAlbum Web PhotoAlbum
Publish your digitally photos on your Internet site.
 File Size:664 KB
Download Web SiteGrabber Web SiteGrabber
The program converts websites (HTML) into bitmap files.
 File Size:722 KB
Download Word 2 PDF Word 2 PDF
Convert Word files into PDF files with one mouse click.
 File Size:601 KB
Download Writepaper-Printery Writepaper-Printery
Design your individual ruled or checkered writing paper.
 File Size:777 KB

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