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ZeroIn 3.4
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  Size:1.50 MB
  Date Added:Mar 10, 2014
  License [?]:Shareware (USD$19.95 to buy)
  Operating System:WinXP, WinVista, WinNT, WinME, Win98, Win8, Win3.x, Win2008, Win2003, Win2000
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Publisher's Description of ZeroIn
" Change between long filename directories with ease. "
- From DataMystic

ZeroIn speeds up your command prompt by replacing the CD command.

You can quickly change between long name directories because ZeroIn allows you to abbreviate and miss-spell their names. It tracks recently visited directories to make re-visiting them very easy. It also keeps a list of user-defined aliases, so that a short alias like 'sys' maps to 'c:\windowsNT\system32' e.g.

With ZeroIn you can
* easily move between commonly used directories
* easily return to a recently used directory
* ignore platform differences like Unix / and DOS \
* abbreviate directory names
* change drives and directories at the same time

* Sophisticated matching engine allows you to abbreviate directory names and even type them incorrectly - eg "\WINODWS" will find "\WINDOWS".

* Eliminate the tedium of typing Windows 95 long filenames (which it supports fully).

* History list of your 20 most recently visited directories. You can re-visit the previous directory or any recent directory very easily.

* Up to 20 aliases that map names you supply to your most commonly used directories.

* If there are no matches ZeroIn can create the directory for you. It will supply a list of the best partial matches so far.

* Environment variable that specifies where the history and alias information is kept. This is very useful for networks that use a shared executable.

* Supports wildcard matching. * is ALWAYS added so W -> W*.*

* If there is more than one match you can choose from a list, which can be pages long. If necessary, very long directory names are folded with \...\ characters to fit on to the screen.

* Common abbreviations: . -> .. Save typing going up one level ... -> ..\.. Save typing going up two levels .... -> ..\..\.. Save typing going up three levels etc " " -> \ Space saves finding that (back)slash key \\ -> \*\ Saves hitting [Shift+8]

* Doesn't care if you use Unix '/' or DOS '\'.

* Network compatible.

* You can change drives at the same time.

* Does NOT use index files of any sort, so...
- you don't have index files cluttering your hard disk
- you don't have to periodically update the index
- you aren't restricted to creating, renaming, moving or removing directories using just one program AND
- it works for floppies, CD-ROMS, Zip/IOMega drives and other removable media.

* Perform multilevel matches eg \*\doc finds all second level doc directories.

* Adapts to your screen mode - 25/43/50 lines.

* Sets error level if no directory found.

Limitations in downloadable version:

30-day trial.

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