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Download Window Washer Window Washer
Wash away traces of your PC and Internet activity and boost system performance.

Added on Jul 17, 2002
Version 6.6
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:3.70 MB
Download Tracks Eraser Pro Tracks Eraser Pro
Protect your privacy by cleaning your tracks of past Internet activity.

Added on Feb 27, 2005
Version 8
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:2.20 MB
Download Advanced File Shredder Advanced File Shredder
Securely erase files or folders on your PC using US Government standards.

Added on Jun 15, 2005
Version 1.12
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:513 KB
Download Window Cleanser Window Cleanser
An advanced Internet and PC cleaning tool that enhances PC performance.

Added on Jul 7, 2005
Version 1.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:1.14 MB
Download Privacy Guard Privacy Guard
Truly remove all traces of Internet and system activity.

Added on Jul 11, 2005
Version 1.2
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:1.16 MB
Download IE Protector and Tracks Eraser IE Protector and Tracks Eraser
Repair IE while protecting your privacy by erasing tracks.

Added on Jul 16, 2005
Version 1.4
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:1.11 MB
Download Advanced Tracks Eraser Advanced Tracks Eraser
Protect your privacy - Erase all tracks of your Internet and Computer activities

Added on Aug 10, 2005
Version 3.0
 License [?]:Demoware
 File Size:453 KB
Download Web Tracks Finder Web Tracks Finder
Scan files on your computer's hard drive for internet tracks.

Added on Sep 1, 2005
Version 1.1
 License [?]:Freeware
 File Size:598 KB
Download Mutilate File Wiper Mutilate File Wiper
Permanently delete sensitive files / Shred disk free space.

Added on Sep 9, 2005
Version 2.90
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:828 KB
Download MyPrivacy MyPrivacy
Maintain your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your Internet and PC usage.

Added on Sep 10, 2005
Version 5.5.3
 License [?]:Demoware
 File Size:7.64 MB
Download Smart Protector Smart Protector
Erase history, cache, cookies and all other tracks of your Internet activities.

Added on Sep 11, 2005
Version 8.7
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:441 KB
Download Personal Web Helper Personal Web Helper
A password manager and one-click Web Form filler.

Added on Sep 15, 2005
Version 3.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:1.30 MB
Download ZeroNetHistory ZeroNetHistory
The ultimate defense against identity theft.

Added on Oct 27, 2005
Version 1.65
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:6.31 MB
Download Internet Browser Eraser Internet Browser Eraser
Erase all tracks of your Internet activity.

Added on Oct 30, 2005
Version 1.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:1.83 MB
Download Privacy Fusion Privacy Fusion
Full Internet privacy suite.

Added on Oct 30, 2005
Version 1.0.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:10.62 MB
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