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PDFnUP 1.01
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Version: 1.01
Size: 1.19 MB
Publisher: Traction Software
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$449.95 to buy)
Operating System: WinXP, WinNT, WinME, Win98, Win95, Win2003, Win2000, Unix, Mac OS, Linux
Requirements: Windows, AIX, Linux, Mac, Solaris
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Publisher's Description of PDFnUP

" 2up'ing a PDF document a/b or file split, 4up and more. "
- From Traction Software

PDFnUP software automates the process of 2up'ing a pdf document, so for example with a/b 2up page 1 is on the left and page 2 is on the right, with split 2up (4 page document) page 1 is on the left and page 3 is on the right, then page 2 is on the next page left and page 4 is on the right.
It has an optional -down parameter for 2up'ing downwards on a page rather than across the page (left, right)
The output page size can also be controlled and the 2nd page position can be offset with margin controls.

*** we will be updating it in the next month to do 4up & custom sequencing of pages.

Simple command line parameters:

Simple 2up the pdf file a/b
e.g. pdfnup example.pdf out-example-ab.pdf -ab
Simple 2up the pdf file split method
e.g. pdfnup example.pdf out-example-split.pdf -split
Simple 2up the pdf file a/b downwards
e.g. pdfnup example.pdf out-example-ab.pdf -ab -down
Page range a/b 2up
e.g. pdfnup example.pdf out-example-split.pdf -s1 -e10 -ab
2up the pdf file a/b and set new page size and offset right margin
e.g. pdfnup example.pdf out-example-ab.pdf -ab -mediabox 0,0,612,1584 -cropbox 5,5,612,1584 -rightmargin 120

NOTE: first 2 parameters have to be input file / output file or 2nd parameter -f
If your filename has spaces in it then use double quotes around the filename, e.g. "c:\my test\test file.pdf"

Wildcards * are not permitted, if you want to process many files then do: dir /B *.pdf > list.txt, then pdfnup list.txt -fout

see full list of features for full list of parameters.

Limitations in downloadable version

Will process first 10 pages only.

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