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Topicscape Pro 2.70
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Version: 2.70
Size: 29.20 MB
Publisher: 3d-Scape Ltd.
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$109.99 to buy)
Operating System: WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win2000
Requirements: 1GHz CPU, 254MB RAM, 3D Graphics (OpenGL1.2 with extensions); 1024x768 screen resolution
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Publisher's Description of Topicscape Pro

" 3D concept mapping / mind mapping tool to manage information and get organized. "
- From 3d-Scape Ltd.

3D Topicscape is computer software that can help you organize your work and find information held in computer files. It lets you organize your work, your reference information, your day-to-day working documents, your images, emails and web pages in a very new way: in 3D. You choose the topic names and organization and you can easily re-organize as new information comes to hand or new ideas develop.

You drag files and information onto topics, and connect topics yourself, so they will reflect your own way of thinking when you go back later to find them. Even if you cannot remember words or phrases that might help you find a document by the keyword search that 3D Topicscape provides, you can fly around the 3D scene, tracking an item down by topic. Topics may represent concepts, subjects, categories, or classifications.

With its unique choice of 2D maps or 3D landscapes it gives you the right tool for the job: Map out your ideas in 2D; reduce large collections of complex information to a simple familiar landscape in 3D; sort out your thoughts and approach on a new project even before you have collected any files or information; research on the Web; gather notes, files and web pages as you study.

Key Features:
* 3D interface giving flight with seven degrees of freedom (note 1)
* Google Earth controls option
* Classic Topicscape controls
* 2D interface giving swinging and floating, like Cooliris
* Choose your own image as a background for 2D Maps
* Flexible structure: Topics may have many children and many parents ('cloned' topics supported without copying)
* Re-orient your view around any topic
* Loose Associations (tunnels): outside-the-hierarchy topics
* Definable Association types (for preparing 3D concept maps) (note 2)
* File-types that can be stored in Topicscape, viewed and exported: All filetypes, and shortcuts to files and folders
* Files introduced to Topicscape may be moved to it, copied to it or just pointed to, in their original location outside Topicscape.
* Occurrences may appear in many places and all refer to a single file ('cloned' occurrences)
* Topics and occurrences may have descriptions added, occurrences may have source, author, etc. added allowing much better notes to be retained about stored files.
* Extensive implementation of drag and drop for supported file types on the same PC
* Paste special functions (OLE) with wrapper file made automatically
* Halo menu on topics (with dynamic help) for immediate and visible action
* Swinging panels for highly visible control that gets out of your way when you don't need it (adjust appearance of landscape easily)
* Can make live links to Outlook 2000 - 2007 items with drag and drop
* Fix changes MS made to Outlook 2007 live links (URIs)
* Can make live links to MyInfo items with copy and paste
* Fileless occurrences for quick notes
* Built-in, robust relational database (Firebird) to hold all information management data that you add
* A Topicscape can be an occurrence in a Topicscape allowing webs of Topicscapes
* Shortcut or occurrence can open another Topicscape at a specific topic
* Quickzoom to inspect any part of the landscape quickly. Easily zoom back, or stay
* Back up along past flight-path and go back to past Current Topics
* Reverse that - go forward again
* Built-in demonstrations of 3D flying and basic Topicscape operations
* Limited and Expert modes available (for first contact), as well as a fully customizable mode

Limitations in downloadable version

30-day trial.

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