GomoSoft Secretarial Software 1.5.4

Program Specifications

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Version: 1.5.4
Size: 14.40 MB
Publisher: GomoSoft Sdn Bhd
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License [?]: Demoware
Operating System: Windows XP
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Publisher's Description of GomoSoft Secretarial Software

" Designed and developed to automate the secretarial department. "
- From GomoSoft Sdn Bhd

Task Oriented Design:
With this design, users only need to select the secretarial task (such as Director Appointment, Allotment, Annual Return etc), which has been defined by the system. Then all related forms and document will be automatically generated for the users. Upon completion, all relevant registers and reports will be automatically updated only with a click of a mouse.

Alert Module:
This module will alert you on the deadlines and work-in-progress. Each time you perform the secretarial task, the deadlines to regulators will be automatically generated to the Alert module.

Customised Resolution and Document:
You can customise the document to suit your own preference with our Document Setup module.

Centralised Database

Not just the company information which will be centralised but you can even create your own object clause and resolutions to be centralised for easy retrieval. You will no longer need to search your file or your colleagues' PC to look for samples.

Built-In Document Editor

GomoSoft has its own document editor which you can use to edit the document before printing. You can even save the document as .doc or .rtf format.

Comprehensive Sample

It has comprehensive samples of Resolutions and Object Clause for your reference which shall be gradually upgraded.


The i-Book has been integrated with the secretarial software which contains comprehensive resources as follows:-

- Step-By-Step Company Secretarial Practice
- Malaysian Companies Act
- Bursa Malaysia Practice Notes
- FIC Guidelines
- Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance
- Continuing Listing Obligations and Disclosure
- Comprehensive Sample of Resolutions
- Comprehensive Sample of Object Clause
- Comprehensive Sample of Forms and Documents

With the Smart Reference technology, you can perform automatic Search, Indexing and Cross-Reference across all the resources. You can even store your favourite Sections or Reference into the Favourite folder for easy retrieval.

With this technology, you don't need to flip the thick books anymore, just do it with a click of a mouse. Login: gomo

Limitations in downloadable version

7-day trial; Does not include the i-Book for Accountants and Lawyers.

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