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UTM (Windows) 5
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Version: 5
Size: 60.61 MB
Publisher: NetUP
Date Added:
License [?]: Demoware (USD$700.00 to buy)
Operating System: WinXP, Win2003, Win2000
Requirements: CPU 500MHz, 512MB RAM, 20GB HDD, Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, CD-RW
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Publisher's Description of UTM (Windows)

" An ISP billing system for Internet Service Providers of any size, from small offices to large companies. "
- From NetUP

UTM 5 is an ISP billing system for Internet Service Providers of any size, from small offices to large companies. UTM was designed to provide metered Internet access billing in real time. The software can directly interface with networking equipment to collect usage statistics and to control the Internet access. The billing system supports charging per traffic volume as well as per connection time.

The ISP billing system was developed in compliance with desires of a large number of ISP companies during formation of the present-day telecom market. Now we can offer a broad range of ISP billing solutions based on the billing system UTM 5, such as billing for leased lines, ADSL billing, hotspot billing, VoIP billing, billing for multiservice networks, etc.

UTM 5 consists of the following modules:

Basic Module
Basic Module is the basic billing system package. It includes the billing system Core, Netflow collector, Remote Firewall Management module, Administration Control Center, Customer Web Portal, etc. Basic Module is enough to deploy a billing solution with resident subscribers having static IP addresses.

NetUP RADIUS Server is used for VPN, PPPoE and dial-up connections authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA). Instead of RADIUS accounting it can be used the Netflow method, that has numerous advantages.

DynaShape Module
DynaShape is a module for dynamic bandwidth shaping. Dynamic bandwidth shaping is popular with flat rates. The subscriber's bandwidth dynamically depends on the Internet traffic volume consumed.

Hotspot Module
The module is intended for automatic registration of subscribers using prepaid scratch cards. Internet access can be metered either per traffic volume or per connection time. IP addresses are given by a DHCP server.

VoIP Module
The Telephony Module includes NetUP RADIUS server and a CDR parser. UTM 5 with the Telephony Module is capable of both Internet access & VoIP billing, and can be used not only by a VoIP service provider, but also by an ISP who wishes to expand the range of provided services. The RADIUS server is compatible with a large number of VoIP Gatekeepers/Gateways. If RADIUS is not supported by the VoIP gateway, statistics can be collected using the CDR parser.

Telephone directions, zones and time ranges allow a provider to set various call rates (mobile phones, local phones, national calls, international calls, night-time calls, free thresholds, etc).

Sources of Usage Data
* Netflow v5
* sFlow, IP accounting

Supported Database Backends
* PostgreSQL

Supported Services
* Broadband Internet access
* (Ethernet, wireless, cable, DSL, VPN, PPPoE, etc.) dial-up connections
* hotspot
* e-mail & web hosting
* VoIP
* classic telephony, PBX billing

Rating Engine
* real-time data processing
* billing per traffic volume, per connection time
* multiple currencies support
* prepaid scratch cards

* IP-MAC control
* automatic firewall management

Customer Interface
* Customer Web Portal
* UTM Tray (Windows OS)

Payments are added via:
* Administration Control Center
* Cashier's Interface
* Customer Web Portal
* Automatically, via a third-party payment gateway

Limitations in downloadable version

30 users maximum.

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