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VocabTest 1.7
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Version: 1.7
Size: 8.59 MB
Publisher: Sepanta
Date Added:
License [?]: Freeware
Operating System: WinXP, WinVista, Win2008, Win2003, Win2000
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Publisher's Description of VocabTest

" Helps you expand the size and level of your English vocabulary and improve your spelling! "
- From Sepanta

VocabTest helps you expand the size and level of your English vocabulary and improve your spelling!

VocabTest is ideal for students studying for standardized tests (GRE, TOEFL, SAT), and is also perfect for anyone looking to expand his or her vocabulary to communicate more precisely.


* Learn By Context and Relationship: Words are classified under some categories or wordsets. This classification helps you better memorize and recall them.
* Build and manage your own wordsets.
* Download unlimited wordsets from the website and Import them to VocabTest. We regularly provide new wordsets. Moreover, we rely on the user contribution to upload wordsets to the website.
* Import word lists from any resource as text format.
* Easy-upload feature to share your wordsets via the website, providing description and advertise your own website through the description and increase links to your website.
* Lay back and recall words and definitions by auto navigation through words.
* Spelling and Recall Test.
* Word matching and highlighting the spelling errors.
* Record the history of previous spelling mistakes for a word.
* Stop on spelling errors and let you to recall the correct letter. This feature has great influence on the learning speed and long-term memorization of the word spelling.
* Scoring system according to the speed and accuracy of each test and record high scores!
* Providing word pronunciation, definition, synonyms, antonyms and examples.
* Keep track of the test times for every word (number of test times, successful and failed attempts).
* Intelligent difficulty adjustment of words through test attempts.
* Random wordlist to test you on unpredictable order of words
* Auto Word Banking feature to exclude words which gained a specific number of successful test times.
* Categorizing words based on their difficulty level in a way you test more difficult words and send them to the lower difficulty levels until you bank them.
* Hotlist marker to send a word to the hot list.
* Highlight marker to high light phrases and collocations and providing a list of them.
* Create HTML pages containing a wordset and possibility to print the list.
* Look up and search features.
* Different sort options.
* Warm and user friendly interface in grunge style, you will never get bored!

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