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WordBanker English-Italian 6.4.8
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Version: 6.4.8
Size: 12.90 MB
Publisher: Catalyst Projects Ltd
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$34.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 7, Windows 2000
Requirements: Pentium 120, 32 MB RAM, SoundCard (For full functionality)
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Publisher's Description of WordBanker English-Italian

" A unique and fun method of helping you to learn the Italian language. "
- From Catalyst Projects Ltd

WordBanker tests you in sessions of 20 words a session. Once you have been tested on those 20 words you will automatically be taken to round 2 where you are tested only on the words you got wrong. Once all words have been translated correctly the session ends.

Translate a word correctly three times in the first round and you will be given the option to bank that word. Once a word has been banked you will not be tested on it again. This way you only get tested on the words you don't know.

Everyone has their own way of learning so WordBanker is easily customized so you can change testing and practice methods to suit yourself.

Warning: WordBanker is extremely addictive. You may have to limit your daily intake.

* Approximately 1500 words or phrases in standard categories.
* Timekeeping utility allows you to track the amount of time spent studying with WordBanker every day.
* Import your own lists or those downloaded from our website.
* Create restore points to quickly go back to different stages of your testing. Ideal for refresher courses.
* All words can be edited.
* Option to cover the multiple choices to remove the "visual clue".
* Audio samples of all standard categories.
* A fully customizable "Practice Mode".
* Join your unbanked words to create single practice MP3's
* Record yourself and compare your pronunciation with a native speaker
* Print lists of your unbanked words
* Create up to 3 categories of your own, easily adding, editing and recording your own words.
* Send difficult words to a "Hotlist".
* A summary and "Banked Meter" to monitor progress.
* 3 different methods of testing.
* A "Type the Answer" testing method to improve your written language skills.
* Banking words enables you to test yourself only on the words you don't now.
* A dictionary containing an up to date collection of all standard and custom words in your collection.
* Can be adapted to test yourself on other subjects.

Limitations in downloadable version

7-day trial; 240 words.

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