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WuYuYo 1.1
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Version: 1.1
Size: 1.95 MB
Publisher: R/D/I+
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$29.90 to buy)
Operating System: Pocket PC
Requirements: PDA with Intel ARM processor (HP iPAQ, Dell Axim, etc.), Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003, 2005, PocketPC 2002
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Publisher's Description of WuYuYo

" Make your PDA speak instantly with a true Chinese, French, English, Italian. "
- From R/D/I+

WuYuYo is a software package for PocketPC devised to facilitate communication between persons who do not speak the same language, for instance when travelling abroad.

It offers five of the most common languages in the world: Chinese, French, English, Italian and Spanish, It comprises about 4000 phrases and sentences organised in 12 contexts, and additional functions, so as to make communication in a foreign language swift and easy.


* Most easy to use in any of 5 languages:
The icons give straightforward access to the phrases and sentences (4000) relevant to the context (hotel, restaurant, taxi,...).
WuYuYo displays a large set of pre-defined phrases and sentences corresponding to common travel situations. Once a phrase is chosen or a sentence is constructed, it is translated to the other person's language, and can be spoken by the PDA with one more pen-touch.

The other persons can then answer by selecting one of the responses displayed in their language on your PDA.

The translation functions are supplemented with a calculator, that allows to display numbers and to make currency conversions, and with a calendar for setting up appointments.

* Presentation of tourist information:
Restaurants, hotels, touristic sites, with their addresses, phone numbers and comments.
That screen gives access to tourist information. The information is organized by category and sub-category: 3/5 star hotels, economy, etc.

Note: For the time being, information is available for Beijing in French and Chinese; other languages and other locations are to be added soon.

* Keyword search:
In addition to the swift context-based access to the 4000 phrases, you can also use a keyword-based search.
For instance, if you type 'airport', WuYuYo will display all phrases referring to airport.

* A smart calculator:
A true calculator to bargain prices, convert between currencies...
That calculator can also be accessed from the pre-defined phrases, allowing you to include amounts in the sentences that you construct (For instance: Would you agree on 100 yuan ?).

* Manage directly your appointments and your agenda:
This screen allows you to define dates and times, for instance to set an appointment or the date of a trip.
That function is included, similarly to the calculator, in the pre-defined phrases.

* List of contexts:
Thanks to the organization in 12 contexts, construction of a sentence is fast and straightforward.
When a phrase ends with dots (for instance: « I want to go to ... »), it means that you can choose from several followings (« I want to go to the White Swan hotel », « I want to go to a restaurant »).
One may thus be led trough successive screens that allow to construct complex sentences. When there is no following phrase, the sentence is spoken with a true voice

Limitations in downloadable version

No sound available.

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