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City of Heroes: Freedom
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Publisher: NC Interactive, Inc.
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License [?]: Freeware
Operating System: WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Mac OS
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Publisher's Description of City of Heroes: Freedom

" Take on the role of a super powered hero and join thousands of other players in a stunning, 3D graphical world. "
- From NC Interactive, Inc.

City of Heroes Freedom is the new name for the award-winning super-powered massively multiplayer online game (MMO), City of Heroes. City of Heroes Freedom redefines City of Heroes based on the cornerstones of content, rewards, and choice.

With City of Heroes Freedom, you will get the freedom to play and pay as you choose. Join the future of City of Heroes in City of Heroes Freedom. Freedom is the future!

City of Heroes is set in a fantastic world filled with awe-inspiring Heroes and bone-chilling Villains. Countless adventures await you on the streets of Paragon City and the inside the evil empire that is the Rogue Isles.

What is City of Heroes?
City of Heroes brings the world of comic books alive in this massively multiplayer 3D online universe.

Craft your hero's identity and join millions of Hero characters in a constantly expanding universe, explore the sprawling online metropolis of Paragon City, and battle a host of foes including criminals, villains, and monsters.

Signature Heroes
* Statesman
One of the first heroes of Paragon City.

* Positron
Before becoming a superhero, Dr. Raymond Keyes was a Professor of nuclear physics at Stanford University.

* Sister Psyche
Born Shalice Tilman, Sister Psyche is the most gifted psychic in Paragon city, and possibly the entire planet.

* Synapse
Steven Berry, aka Synapse, was just an average man, until Crey Industries got hold of him.

* Manticore
Appalled at the crime in Paragon City, billionaire Justin Sinclair took up crime fighting under the guise of Manticore, a title and calling previously held by his father.

Signature Villains
* Lord Recluse
Lord Recluse began his life as Stefan Richter, an American of Austrian descent.

* Ghost Widow
Before her origin event her name was Belladonna Vetrano. She was an Arachnos Night Widow.

* Black Scorpion
I traced Black Scorpion's history back to a mercenary in Nicaragua named Ernesto Rodriguez.

* Captain Mako
Delving into the background of Gideon Ray, also known as Mako, also known as Captain Mako, uncovered a number of disturbing facts.

* Scirocco
Perhaps the most puzzling of the super-powered Arachnos operatives to come under the purview of my investigation is the man known as Scirocco.

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