Monkey Island 5.95

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Version: 5.95
Size: 853 KB
Publisher: Handy Masters .Inc
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License [?]: Shareware (USD$5.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows CE
Requirements: Pocket PC Device with a strong ARm or XScale(Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002)
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Publisher's Description of Monkey Island

" A fun adventure game for PocketPC with adventurous tropical theme. "
- From Handy Masters .Inc

Monkey Island is a fun adventure game for ppc with adventurous tropical theme & outstanding game play. The graphics are very obsessing & are quite distinct for being any eye-relief. It was designed to break the monotony of common 3d games. Life in the wilderness has always possessed our imagination with the beautiful scenery and the amazing panoramas of nature. Monkey Island is Handy Masterís amusing capture of the tropical wild life portrayed in an interesting game that you will find remarkably compelling. The simple idea of the game is to climb up a robe net erected between 2 huge elm trees and collect your dinner of tropical fruits while trying to evade the coconuts cast on you by the angry baboons on top of the net. Try to reach the top and drop the baboons but beware of the coconuts; if they hit you, you will fall down to the ground. With lively tropical scenery, highly animated graphics and multiple levels (with various difficulties), HandyMasters grants you a scorching adventure.

The features include: Highly animated graphics, stunning sound effects of real tropical life, Simple controls, Gradual levels of difficulty with various bonuses, Compatibility with any Pocket PC device with a StrongARM or Xscale (pocketPc200 PocketPc2002) and more. The Monkey Island game is best described as light-hearted fluff. The interface for the game is really quite simple and doesn't take long to master. It is a classic adventure game from HandyMasters. If you haven't tried any of its games yet, this is perfectly acceptable as a starting point. The game is appropriate for any member of the family with the patience to play. Monkey Island promises you many enjoyable moments with amazing sound effects & simple controls. Explore the tropical world of adventure with Monkey Island. This is a very funny (and not too involved) adventure game. It is one of the funniest adventure games ever written and the price is certainly right & is light-weight adventure game with plenty of humor.

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