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Medieval: Total War
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Size: 235.00 MB
Publisher: The Creative Assembly
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License [?]: Demoware (USD$39.99 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Requirements: Intel or AMD Dual Core, 1 GB RAM (XP), 2 GB RAM (Vista / Windows 7)
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Publisher's Description of Medieval: Total War

" The ultimate game of epic battles and historic empire building. "
- From The Creative Assembly

Medieval: Total War covers the period 1087-1453, a period of almost continuous warfare and strife in Europe.

"This was the time of Crusaders and Saracens, the Hundred Years War, the Holy Roman Emperors, heresy and inquisitions, the Reconquista in Spain, Teutonic Knights and boyars, the rise of the Turkish Empire, the Black Death, and the final fall of Constantinople… It was a time of intense competition between the kings, princes, religions, new nations and radical new ideas that would make Europe the cockpit of the world.

Set in the four centuries from the First Crusade (1095) to the Fall of Constantinople (1453), Medieval: Total War covers European history through some of the most dramatic centuries imaginable. It takes everything that was compelling about Shogun: Total War and layers on new depth, accessibility, gameplay and strategy twists. Encompassing a diverse range of peoples and histories, Medieval: Total War is the ultimate game of epic battles and historic empire building.

Viking Invasion is the expansion pack to the best-selling Medieval: Total War. It takes the battle back in time to the Dark Ages of England, when the Viking invaders brought ruin and slaughter to the English coast. Play as one of the English factions and repel the invaders or unify England under a Viking banner.

- See battles in rich detail.
- Engage in richly detailed battles that feature thousands of 3D units and intense combat.
- Become the commander of your empire
- Manage the economic, civil, religious and military arms of your empire.
- Full control over your armies
- Control more than 100 different units, including knights, men-at-arms, English longbowmen, and more.
- A wealth of weaponry
- Pound castles into dust with cannons, catapults, and ballistae during sieges.
- Multiplayer battles
- Experience multiplayer battles with up to seven other players.

Limitations in downloadable version

Single player mission.

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