MessengerLog Pro 2.20

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MessengerLog Pro 2.20
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Version: 2.20
Size: 606 KB
Publisher: YourSoft Inc.
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$24.95 to buy)
Operating System: WinXP, WinNT, WinME, Win98, Win95, Win2000
Requirements: MSN messenger/Windows messenger.
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Publisher's Description of MessengerLog Pro

" Automatically records everything from your MSN messenger or Windows messenger. "
- From YourSoft Inc.

MessengerLog automatically records everything from your MSN messenger or Windows messenger, including the rich-text message, the emotion icons and the status of your contacts. MessengerLog will encrypt the messages with your password and store them safely. MessengerLog has an excellent search engine, you can search in the message log with some search condition. The results will be shown in a list, then you can browse in the log which match the search condition and edit the message freely. MessengerLog is a console program, it doesn't modify your MSN messenger or Windows messenger, you do not need to restart anything after install MessengerLog. What's more, MessengerLog has a wonderful graphic user interface, you can select a color theme you like. This theme function is not rely on the Windows XP system, so it can be applied to all windows systems later than Windows 95.

Main features:

1. Automatically record the rich text message, including the emotion icons and fontcolor in the message.
2. Automatically record the status of your contact list and display them by icons.
3. Search in the message log with some search condition. The results will be shown in a list.
4. Edit or delete the message directly in MessengerLog.
5. Hide completely: MessengerLog can starting or running in a silent mode without the knowing of other users.
6. Hotkey feature: freely define hotkey to apply some functions.
7. There are up to seven color themes in MessengerLog, there are much more for you to select, it's cool!
8. Set an modify your password for MessengerLog. You can set a NULL password to cancel the login process.
9. Export the rich text messages to a RTF file easily.
10. Boss key function: by press a hotkey, all chat window will be hided.
11. Autosave function will save the message record to file automatically when a new message comes.
12. Resize the window freely, and MessengerLog will remember it for later use.
13. Speech function: With MicroSoft TTS

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