Palfun 6.5.1534

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Palfun 6.5.1534
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Version: 6.5.1534
Size: 671 KB
Publisher: Palfun Team
Date Added:
License [?]: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 2000
Requirements: AIM 5.2
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Publisher's Description of Palfun

" Feature enchancer plug-in for AIM. "
- From Palfun Team

Palfun is feature enhancer plug-in for AOL (R) Instant Messenger (tm). It can help you to modify your Instant Messenger on your choice, making your conversations easier and more comfortable.

What Palfun offers to you?
* Customizable buddy list: Palfun can help you to tune AIM windows, for example buddy list window, where you can switch off useless for you elements, buttons...
* Buddy aliasing: Now you can set for everybody in your contact list any name you want to see.
* Skinning: Don't like standard AIM view? Now you can skin your AIM! Set of ready skins or your own can change appearance of AIM.
* System hotkeys: Now you can quickly and easy access your buddy list, set away status etc. only by several keypresses on keyboard.
* Tabbed IM interface: Keep all your instant messages windows in one window!
* Chat and IM Logging: Store your conversations on your computer and access them every time you want.
* Multiple Instances (Cloning): Palfun allows you to launch more than one instance of AIM under one or more screen names.
* Message Filter: Stop these annoying messages! Filter all incoming messages by several criterias (buddy warning level, buddy screen name, words list)
* Plug-ins support: Expand abilities of your messenger with usage of plug-ins! You can download a lot of them at plug-ins page of official site.
* Automatic Update: Easy way to get latest versions of Palfun with new set of features.
* Any custom color available for messaging: AIM does not allow you to use custom colors - in color selectdialog you can't press "Define Custom Color" button. Palfun enables this button for you.
* Dockable buddy list: Buddy list can be docked to left or right screen edge and (if you want) can behave like toolbar.
* Comfortable windows management: Now you can change each AIM window transparency, leave window always on top.
* It does not modify original AIM code! This means, that you can run original AIM every time you want, as before installing Palfun.

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