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AntispamSniper for The Bat! Free
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Version: Free
Size: 2.00 MB
Publisher: GoodVein
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License [?]: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7
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Publisher's Description of AntispamSniper for The Bat!

" Anti-spam and anti-phishing plug-in for The Bat! and Voyager. "
- From GoodVein

AntispamSniper for The Bat! provides a bullet-proof anti-spam & anti-phishing protection for your mailbox. The unique combination of several methods for automatic email classification shows impressive filtering quality. The plug-in also has a built-in option allowing deleting spam on the server by headers.


- The statistical trainable classification algorithm has unique characteristics. It learns your private correspondence, extracts the distinguishing features from messages of different classes and uses that information for effective analysis of other incoming messages. The algorithm improves its classification quality continuously with each new learned message.

- The messages from whitelisted senders are not filtered by other methods and recognized as non-spam at once. The whitelist is updated on learning automatically.

- The filtering rules are recognizing spam and ham by specific combinations of symbols in a body and headers of the email messages. The rules are optional, because the trained algorithm and a whitelist are very effective. But the accurately assembled lists of rules may improve the classification quality in cases when the algorithm is unable to select a certain class for a message with high probability.

- Exceptions are the empirical conditions for filtering. For example, large messages are probably non-spam. The presence of certain types of attached files also can be a good sign for recognizing message as non-spam.

- Most phishing attacks are blocked automatically.

- The filtering log allows you to track back the history of classifying messages and training the plug-in. -

- See the statistics of filtering as a table or as a nice chart. Both The Bat! and Voyager are supported.

- DNSBL services are used for blocking spam by IP address of the sender.

- A list of black words is used for deleting spam by keywords in subject.

- The plug-in optionally learns the outgoing messages as non-spam.

Other Features:

* Trainable email classification algorithm
* Black and white lists of senders
* Black and white filtering rules
* Filtering log
* Statistics
* Filtering POP3 connections

For more features, please download the AntispamSniper for The Bat! Pro version.

Limitations in downloadable version

Limited features.

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