Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows (ActiveX Edition) 2.0

Program Specifications

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Version: 2.0
Size: 604 KB
Publisher: microOLAP Technologies LLC
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$419.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Requirements: Network adapter(s) and/or modem.
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Publisher's Description of Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows (ActiveX Edition)

" ActiveX component suite for network packet capture. "
- From microOLAP Technologies LLC

Packet Sniffer SDK (PSSDK) is the most powerful component suite for network packet capture in Windows OS family environment.

The main features of the Packet Sniffer SDK library are:
  • Any pre-installed packet drivers are not required;
  • Packet Sniffer SDK works fine on Gigabit networks;
  • Packet Sniffer SDK supports all modern development environments for Windows;
  • Packet Sniffer SDK (all its editions: ActiveX, VCL, DLL, and static libraries) is compiled from the same well-optimized C code. Therefore you may be assured that any Packet Sniffer SDK improvement is implemented in all its editions;
  • Packet Sniffer SDK supports multiprocessor (SMP) systems;
  • Packet Sniffer SDK supports packet filtering by BPF (BSD Packet Filter, user-settable packet filters);
  • Packet Sniffer SDK supports packet generating/sending functions.
All editions of Packet Sniffer SDK components/libraries contain internal packet driver, which is dynamically loaded/unloaded when the application, using Packet Sniffer SDK, is launched/closed.

Currently Packet Sniffer SDK is represented in the following implementations: ActiveX, DLL, VCL, and static libraries for Microsoft VC compatible and Borland compilers.

Therefore, Packet Sniffer SDK component/library family allows you to use the full power of almost any of the modern visual or non-visual development environment for creating various network applications working with raw network adapter traffic.

Using Packet Sniffer SDK the developer does not need to create special network drivers or to learn internal implementation of the network functionalities in all Windows family operating systems.

Main Packet Sniffer SDK elements are developed as objects with properties, methods, and events that make the applications development process simpler and more flexible.

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