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Resoor 1.30
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Version: 1.30
Size: 1.14 MB
Publisher: SoftConstructors
Date Added:
License [?]: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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Publisher's Description of Resoor

" It generates resource files and sources in different programming languages. "
- From SoftConstructors

Resource editor for programs. It can import resources from executable files and RES files. It can generate resource files and source files in different programming languages.

Editing data (for example, images) is realized with the use of programs installed on the computer rather than using internal means.

It is useful for localization of programs thanks to built-in capabilities of automatic translation into different languages.
Program is not able to directly edit resources (in executable files and RES files), but stores them in files in its own format.

Main elements:

* Text - Specifying text value.

* Multitext - Used for localization. It stores text values in several languages. Additionally, you need to specify list of languages.

* Data - Specifying an element that stores an image or data of any other type.

It can generate:

* Resource file (*.res or *.rc). Value from Text element is placed in STRINGTABLE section in NEUTRAL language. Value from Multitext element is placed in STRINGTABLE section in respective languages. The content of Data element is placed in a section depending on the data type. For example, images in BMP format are placed in BITMAP section and data, for which section is not assigned, are placed in RCDATA. Also it is possible to generate source code files (in Pascal, Basic, C, C++ languages) with constants describing the created resource file.

* Autonomous source code file (in Pascal or C++ language).

* INI file (*.ini).

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