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Spiceworks Desktop 5.0
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Version: 5.0
Size: 27.27 MB
Publisher: Spiceworks Inc.
Date Added:
License [?]: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 7
Requirements: IE 7+ or Firefox 3.5+
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Publisher's Description of Spiceworks Desktop

" A network inventory tools, TFTP, SNMP v3, monitoring and help desk solution. "
- From Spiceworks Inc.

The Spiceworks Desktop is a simple yet powerful multi-user web application that allows you to inventory, monitor, report on and troubleshoot your network, run a help desk, and access a community of IT pros -- all from one easy-to-use interface. The goal of the Spiceworks Desktop is simple: to simplify your day-to-day management of your technology - for free.

There are 6 major ways Spiceworks can simplify your job:

1. Track Your problems and Manage Your Work...with the IT Help Desk

Spiceworks has a powerful yet easy-to-use help desk built in. You can use it to track user requests, problems and issues, and even your own to-do items. And the best part? It's tightly integrated into your network inventory. No more typing in all of that configuration data related to a problem.

2. Get one View of the IT Info You Care About Most...with Your Spiceworks Dashboard

The tab labeled "My Network" is an integrated dashboard for everything you need to get your job done. You can keep this page up in your browser and quickly see everything from your Help-Desk Tickets, Alerts, Inventory, and IT news, to any new hardware or software that was recently detected in your environment.

3. Get an Accurate and Up-to-Date Inventory of Everything in your Network

Spiceworks automatically scans your network and discovers all your hardware and software assets. These are categorized in groups like 'Workstations', 'Servers' and 'Printers' so that you can quickly and easily find what you're looking for. with Spiceworks inventory, almost anything you need to know about a device is right there at your finger tips.

4. Get Data on Your Network...with Spiceworks Reports

End of month. End of quarter. End of year. It's all the same. Give key personnel the ability to run their own reports by adding them as Spiceworks users (with reporting access only). So now, the reports you need, or they need, are just one click away.

5. Monitor Critical Resources and Activity in your Environment...with Spiceworks Monitors

Spiceworks automatically monitors critical resources and activity that goes on in your network and notifies you if there is any change. Is there a disk drive that's running low? Spiceworks attaches an alert to the disk drive. Did WeatherBug get loaded on your network? Spiceworks flags the machine it was loaded on with an alert. Using too many licenses of MS Office? Spiceworks gives you a heads-up. And, all of this works right out-of-the-box. No setup required.

6. Look At How Your Network Is Connected And Where The Congestion Is...with the Network Map

A quick glance to the Network Map will show you exactly where everything is connected so you can get your network set up how you want it. Do you need to see where your bandwidth is approaching maximum? A color coded system shows you instantly where this is occurring.

Spiceworks 5.0 can manage networks up to 1,000 devices. The software can handle networks larger than 1,000 devices, but end user should expect much slower performance.

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