JBoss Application Server 6.0.0

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JBoss Application Server 6.0.0
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Version: 6.0.0
Size: 158.00 MB
Publisher: JBoss Community
Date Added:
License [?]: Open Source
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Unix, Linux
Requirements: Java Development Kit (JDK) 5 and above
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Publisher's Description of JBoss Application Server

" The leading open-source java application server. "
- From JBoss Community

The world's number one Java application server, and it was created by the community.

JBoss Application Server is the #1 most widely used Java application server on the market. Hundreds of professional open source developers have contributed to the JBoss Application Server over the years and community contributors are not only welcome but encouraged.

A Java EE certified platform for developing and deploying enterprise Java applications, Web applications, and Portals, JBoss Application Server provides the full range of Java EE 5 features as well as extended enterprise services including clustering, caching, and persistence.

JBoss Application Server is the open source implementation of the Java EE suite of services. It comprises a set of offerings for enterprise customers who are looking for preconfigured profiles of JBoss Enterprise Middleware components that have been tested and certified together to provide an integrated experience. It's easy-to-use server architecture and high flexibility makes JBoss the ideal choice for users just starting out with J2EE, as well as senior architects looking for a customizable middleware platform.

Because it is Java-based, JBoss Application Server is cross-platform, easy to install and use on any operating system that supports Java. The readily available source code is a powerful learning tool to debug the server and understand it. It also gives you the flexibility to create customized versions for your personal or business use.

Component Highlights
Many key features of JBoss 5 are provided by integrating other standalone JBoss projects:

* JBoss Microcontainer is the next generation POJO based kernel that is used as the core of the server. It supports an extensible deployment model and advanced dependency relationships.
* The definition of the non-kernel deployers and deployment is now defined a Profile obtained from the ProfileService. The ProfileService also provides the ManagementView for ManagedDeployments/ManagedObjects used by the OpenConsole admin tool.
* JBoss EJB3 included with JBoss 5 provides the implementation of the latest revision of the Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) specification. EJB 3.0's goals are to simplify development, facilitate a test driven approach, and focus more on writing plain old java objects (POJOs) rather than coding against complex EJB APIs.
* JBoss Messaging is a high performance JMS provider in the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Stack (JEMS), included with JBoss 5 as the default messaging provider. It is also the backbone of the JBoss ESB infrastructure. JBoss Messaging is a complete rewrite of JBossMQ, which is the default JMS provider for the JBoss AS 4.x series.
* JBossCache that comes in two flavors. A traditional tree-structured node-based cache and a PojoCache, an in-memory, transactional, and replicated cache system that allows users to operate on simple POJOs transparently without active user management of either replication or persistency aspects.
* JBossWS is the web services stack for JBoss 5 providing Java EE compatible web services, JAX-WS-2.0.
* JBoss Transactions is the default transaction manager for JBoss 5, founded on industry proven technology and 18 year history as a leader in distributed transactions, and is one of the most interoperable implementations available.
* JBoss Web is the Web container in JBoss 5, an implementation based on Apache Tomcat that includes the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) and Tomcat native technologies to achieve scalability and performance characteristics that match and exceed the Apache Http server.
* JBoss Security has been updated to support pluggable authorization models including SAML, XACML and federation.

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