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Download Eudora OSE
Formerly Eudora 8. An email client that combines Mozilla's Thunderbird with code, features, and GUI elements from Qualcomm's Eudora.
License [?] : Open Source
File Size : 9.60 MB
Download Firefox
World's best browser featuring high security, stability, personalization and very fast performance.
License [?] : Freeware
File Size : 12.00 MB
Download SeaMonkey
Web-browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat, and simple HTML editing - all in one application.
License [?] : Freeware
File Size : 10.20 MB
Download Thunderbird
A popular email client featuring tabs, search, email archiving and customization.
License [?] : Open Source
File Size : 8.60 MB

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