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Publisher: CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.
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Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, DOS
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Publisher's Description of CBL Data Shredder

" Render your files irretrievable to existing and future software-based recovery tools. "
- From CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.

Erase sensitive and confidential data securely.

The CBL Data Shredder is intended to eliminate the chance that information stored on your hard drive may be retrieved by anyone when it, or the computer containing it, is disposed of.

Files thought to have been deleted years previously, containing personal details, bank account details, credit card numbers, correspondence, etc., can be recovered all too easily, and simply formatting the drive is not an effective means of rendering this data inaccessible. This situation is made worse by the availability of off-the-shelf products that will automate the recovery process in some cases.

When used in accordance with the instructions in this guide, the CBL Data Shredder program will do what file deletion and partition formatting cannot: erase the entire contents of a treated hard drive, rendering them irretrievable to existing and future software-based recovery tools.

Data Erase Methods
The CBL Data Shredder program supports a range of methods of erasing data, providing different levels of security and convenience. In general it would be true to say that each time a hard drive is overwritten, the chances of recovering any data from it become vanishingly small.

The CBL Data Shredder program works by overwriting the entire disk with a pattern of bits. Wiping the disk with a simple (non-random) pattern once is known as clearing or erasing and it may still be possible, with specialized hardware and software, to extract data off the disk.

More secure methods of erasing hard drives write more complicated or random bit patterns to the drive several times to effectively frustrate hardware recovery attempts. This is known as purging or sanitizing. Certain of the erase methods available in the CBL Data Shredder program have particular characteristics that make them suitable for this task. It must be noted that some features of modern drives may make some areas of the disk inaccessible, even though they may have contained data in the past, and that these areas would continue to be vulnerable to hardware-based recovery.

* Custom Hard Drive Erase Method
The CBL Data Shredder program enables you to define your own method to erase a drive. The default setting is to wipe the drive once with a bit pattern of "00". This is the simplest and quickest way to clear a drive. You may select a different bit pattern to use, and the number of times the drive should be cleared with this bit pattern.

* United States Department of Defense Standard 5220.22-M
US government's standards for clearing and sanitizing of data classified confidential, secret and top secret by writing a different bit pattern to the disk on each of three passes. this is how this program implements this standard. Drives with top secret data are not permitted to sanitized this manner. They must be destroyed physically.

* Germany BSI Verschlusssachen-IT-Richtlinien (VSITR) Standard
Wipes drive with 7 passes. widely considered to be a secure method of erasing data.

* Bruce Schneier's Algorithm
More secure method of erasing data than VSITR, the time required to create random bit patterns makes this a significantly slower method.

* Peter Gutmann's Algorithm
Makes 35 overwrite passes. Considered the state-of-the-art method for data destruction. The cost is time - 7 times longer than wiping with Bruce Schneier's algorithm.

* Royal Canadian Mounted Police DSX Method
Wiping alone not approved method by the Canadian government for sanitizing classified information. Current standards require wiping the unit, followed by the physical destruction of the media.

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