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JonDo Anonymous Proxy (JAP) 00.13.001
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Version: 00.13.001
Size: 36.00 MB
Publisher: JonDo
Date Added:
License [?]: Open Source
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
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Publisher's Description of JonDo Anonymous Proxy (JAP)

" Anonymous internet browsing by hiding your IP number with multiple encryption, distribution and processing. "
- From JonDo

JonDonym is an anonymizing Internet network of mutually independent and geographically distributed service providers, the "mix operators". The JonDonym anonymization service provides very powerful protection of your Internet identity, the IP address: it protects both against the observation of your Internet activities by third parties, e.g. Internet providers, and against the mix operators themselves.

The JonDonym anonymous proxy servers technology is based on the principle of multiple (layered) encryption, distribution and processing (Mixing). This unique procedure does not only protect your internet activities from being observed by third parties: also the individual JonDonym anonymous proxy providers (Mix operators) cannot follow your steps. Each internet/web access is individually anonymised.

Benefits using JonDonym:
* All that your IP-address is revealing!
Every web site can find out the following about you using your Internet-connection:
- Your current whereabouts - country, city, region and even districts and office buildings with the help of databases.
- Your internet provider
- Your access technology such as DSL, modem or a mobile to surf the web
- You company or your authority if surfing within the network of a company or an authority its name can be find out
- How long your computer is running. This is possible due to the analysis of so-called TCP-timestamps which makes even your computer identifiable

* Data thieves see your plaintext
- Password- and identity-theft
- Loss of confidential information
- Anonymous proxies do not protect you but steal your data

* Competitors identify the actions of your company
Most of the companies and organizations are identifiable unambiguously by means of their IP-address. Competitors can make use of that.
- Investigations using the Internet do not remain confidentially
- Web sites of your competitors "are playing around" with you
- Spies in the industry may redirect the data traffic of your company to their own servers

* Prohibiting free information
Besides direct Internet censorship, which is aimed at prohibiting access to specific web sites technically, there is a indirect censorship as well: the fear of suffering disadvantages just because one is consuming unpleasant contents.
- Journalists are not able to inform themselves freely
- Citizens are not able to form their own opinions
- Just retrieving unpleasant contents is punished
- Anti-censorship-services are selling your data

* Work of secret service is endangered
- Mistakes made by employees unmask secret net-structures
- Staying in contact in a hostile environment is dangerous
- Proxy-services can be operated by your enemy

* No freedom of speech for blogger and activists
- Business partners are deterred
- Excessive liability concerning the own opinion
- Punishment of political and human rights activists

* Online-investigators are unmasked
- On suspicious web sites investigators are recognizable as such
- Operations cannot be kept secret
- Investigators are suspicious if they are surfing noticeable insecure
- Whistle-blower reveal themselves or are betrayed

* Search engines and statistic-services are recording your surfing-behaviour
- Your surfing-behaviour can be recorded almost completely
- Data-leaks bring your behaviour to the public
- Proxy- and VPN-services can record everything as well

Where JonDonym is not protecting you...
- Personal observation: Strong attackers, for instance secret services
- Standard web browser. Use JonDoFox a hardened web browser
- Global observer: An eavesdropper who is able to collect traffic data before the first and after the last mix of a cascade may unmask users by computing correlations
- Data thieves within the last mix

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