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Size: 3.10 MB
Publisher: Pandora Corp
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License [?]: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows 7
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Publisher's Description of Pandora Recovery

" Browse, search and recover regular, archived, hidden or encrypted files for free. "
- From Pandora Corp

When you delete a file on FAT32 or NTFS file system, its content is not erased from disk but only reference to file data in File Allocation Table or Master File Table is marked as deleted. It means that you might be able to recover deleted files, or make it visible for file system again.

Pandora Recovery allows you to find and recover recoverable deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes, regardless of their type - you can recover pictures, songs, movies or documents. Pandora Recovery will scan your hard drive and build an index of existing and deleted files and directories (folders) on any logical drive of your computer with supported file format. Once the scanning is complete you have full control over which files to recover and what destination to recover them to. You can BROWSE the hierarchy of existing and deleted files, or you can use SEARCH functionality to find a deleted file if you remember at least one of the following:

- full or partial file name,
- file size,
- file creation date, or
- file last accessed date

On top of that, Pandora Recovery allows you to preview deleted files of certain type (images and text files) without performing recovery. This feature becomes really important if you are forced to recover deleted files to the same drive. Currently you can preview files having several image file types (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, ICO,TIF, TGA, PCX, WBMP, WMF, JP2, J2K, JBG, JPC, PGX, PNM, RAS, CUR) and several text file types (TXT, LOG, INI, BAT, RTF, XML, CSS). Quick Viewer allows you preview file contents as text if it cannot find appropriate viewer for it. To use quick viewer you can select deleted file and or click the Quick Viewer icon or right click on deleted file and select 'Quick View'. Quick View will then display a preview of deleted file.

- Browse, Search, Preview and Recover deleted files
Allows you to find and recover recoverable deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes.

- Surface (cluster) scan
As of version 1.1.20 Pandora Recovery implements surface (cluster) scan of targeted media.

- Recover Archived, Hidden, Encrypted, Compressed files
Recover not only 'regular' files, but also archived, hidden, system, sparse, encrypted and compressed files.

- Recover Alternate Data Streams (ADS)
While file might be usable without the original content of its Alternate Data Streams this useful information should be recovered. Alternative streams often contain file metadata, while file attributes contain information about how files are displayed in Windows Explorer.

- Recover Images, Documents, Movies, or any other type of files
Handles files regardless of their type, size or any other attribute.

- Recovery success estimate
Gives you an estimate of recovery success by displaying the percent of clusters reused by operating system.

- Review File properties, and Drive properties
Displays properties of files: file type, deletion status, percent of clusters reused ('overwritten' attribute), path and size of the file, date created and date modified and common attributes (compressed, archived, hidden, system, encrypted...).

- Recover to Local Hard Drive, Network Drive, or Flash Drive

- Recognizes FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and NTFS/EFS

- Wizards, hints and context-sensitive help

Note: If your lost data resides on your C: it is recommended you perform your file recovery by physically removing the C: drive from your computer and attaching it as a slave on another computer and then performing the file recovery using that other computer.

Limitations in downloadable version

Recovers deleted files on a memory card, secondary hard drive, or other external drive.

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