Guide to Software Downloading

This guide can help, if you are new to downloading from the Internet. Please follow the simple steps.

Create a Download Folder

You can skip the following steps if you have a download folder.

We would recommend you to create a New folder or directory on your hard drive for temporary files, before you begin downloading. You can name it "My Downloads" or "Downloads" for example.

Windows Explorer User

  1. Open Windows Explorer - Click the Start button. Select All Programs then choose Accessories. Then select Windows Explorer.

  2. Click on "My Documents". Then select the "File" menu option.

  3. Select "New", then "Folder".

  4. When the folder called "New Folder" is created, you can renamed it "My Downloads" or "Downloads" by right clicking your mouse and select "Rename".

Windows 3.1 File Manager User

  1. In File Manager, click on your C: drive.

  2. Select the "File" menu option.

  3. Select "Create Directory".

  4. Enter the word "Downloads" to name the directory and click "OK".

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You are downloading with FireFox or Internet Explorer.

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