Have You Encounter Any Problem Downloading Software?

There are a number of reasons that you could get an error attempting to download a file:

Server Could Be Busy

If this happens, your browser will display "The Server Returned Extended Information" or a message indicating the server is busy.

You should wait for a few seconds or sometimes a few minutes and try again. Establishing a connection can take several consecutive attempts.

You'll have to try during off-peak hours if you are still unsuccessful. Off-peak hours are usually early in the morning before 7AM or at night after 10PM during weekdays.

Broken Link

Please let us know by contacting BumperSoft Support Center, if you believe the link is broken - Example : Getting an "Error 404" or "File Not Found" message. We'll fix it soonest possible upon receiving your message on the program you're trying to download. We will then email you the correct link.

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