Guide to Unzipping and Installing Your Downloaded File

This guide can help, if you have managed to download a file from the Internet and are not sure what to do next.

Handling ZIP Files (Unzipping)

You will find that most files downloaded from the Internet are in ZIP format - file with the extension ".zip" e.g. A ZIP file contains one or more files which have been compressed to reduce file size. This greatly reduces your download time.

If the downloaded file is in ZIP format, you'll need to uncompress to restore its original state.

Microsoft Windows has built-in ZIP support, under the name "Compressed (zipped) Folders" so you can easily unzip the file.

Go to your "Downloads" directory and find the file you have downloaded. Double-click on the ZIP file. This will automatically open "Compressed (zipped) Folders." The files displayed in "Compressed (zipped) Folders" are all the files that contained in the ZIP file.

Click on "Extract all files." An Extraction Wizard will open. Follow the instruction to unzip all files in the ZIP file to your folder destination.

Open the folder where all the files have been extracted. Follow the next step to install the program.

Handling EXE Files (Installing)

Programs are normally available in the EXE file format (the file with the extension ".EXE" e.g. ar302.exe). EXE is the common filename extension denoting an executable file in the Microsoft Windows and other operating systems.

To install a program using the file extension ".exe", go to Windows Explorer or File Manager if you are using Windows 3.1 and find the file you have downloaded - Example in your "Downloads" directory. Double click on the file (usually setup.exe or install.exe). This will automatically run the installation program.

Simply follow the steps to install the program. Most of the time the installation program will create an icon which you can click to run the program. You can find the icon on the Start Menu or the Program Manager (Window 3.1) and often your Desktop.

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