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  Size:4.20 MB
  Publisher:Grégoire Péan
  Date Added:Mar 10, 2006
  License [?]:Shareware
  Operating System:WinXP, WinNT, Win2003, Win2000
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Publisher's Description of PXPerlWrap
" A Perl wrapper to embed Perl in your C++ applications with minimum efforts. "
- From Grégoire Péan

PXPerlWrap is a Perl wrapper: it enables you embedding Perl in your C++ applications (requires MFC, but STL port in progress), with minimum efforts. Enjoy the power of Perl through an intuitive set of C++ classes. Embed a widespread scripting language: parse sophisticated configuration files, perform file operations, data manipulation.... Maintain applications easily. Enrich your applications of a scripting ability, extending to the infinity the possibilities for your end-users.

Unique features: multithread-safe object-oriented architecture, Persistent interpreters, transparent modification of variables, UTF8 conversion options and Unicode support, Perl variables reference count management, powerful redirection of standard streams.

About persistent interpreters: the idea of the persistent interpreter was found in perlembed. It consists of parsing once a script which will take care of parsing and running itself other scripts. Each scripts are assigned a different package name. This way, cleaning the package associated with a script will clean the variables used by the script, and free the memory associated with them.

Benefits of persistent interpreters:

- if a module is used by several scripts, you can choose to load it once and it will affect all scripts. This prevent having to load a module each time a script is parsed. This can be a huge perfomance gain, if you consider the loading time of some modules.
- you can clean a script (the script namespace: variables etc.), hence freeing memory for other scripts,
- safety: die and exit won't make your application actually exit :) Besides, PXPerlWrap has an advanced error report and logging system.

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