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Download NotePager Net NotePager Net
Dynamic network paging software for pagers and mobile phones.

Added on Jun 9, 2002
Version 3.7
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:3.61 MB
Download Mosaic Creator Mosaic Creator
Mosaic tool and thumbnailer with non-rectagular cell support.

Added on Jun 28, 2002
Version 2.98
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:1.90 MB
Download Modem Spy Modem Spy
Powerful program for recording phone calls.

Added on Jul 14, 2005
Version 3.9
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:253 KB
Download A220 Mission 1 - Web Page Edition A220 Mission 1 - Web Page Edition
Fly over mountains & caves eliminating multiple enemies before destroying the Base.

Added on Jul 24, 2005
Version 1.4
 License [?]:Freeware
 File Size:112 KB
Download NexySMS NexySMS
Send and receive SMS from your PC using connected cell phone. Easy to use.

Added on May 28, 2007
Version 1.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:2.16 MB
Download NexyFILES NexyFILES
Upload and download files from/to your phone. Easy to use.

Added on May 28, 2007
Version 1.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:1.23 MB
Download Freecell Collection Freecell Collection
World's largest freecell solitaire games collection with 62 freecell games.

Added on Aug 11, 2005
Version 7.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:2.58 MB
Download FlexCell Grid Control FlexCell Grid Control
A very flexible and easy to use grid control.

Added on Aug 13, 2005
Version 2.65
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:5.57 MB
Download Excel Compare Excel Compare
Comparison tool allows you to compare Excel files and Excel spreadsheets.

Added on Aug 22, 2005
Version 1.1
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:582 KB
Download EyeSpyFX Mobile EyeSpyFX Mobile
View your webcam through any WAP or iMode based colour picture phone and pocket PC's.

Added on Sep 1, 2005
Version 1.2
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:18.12 MB
Download Remote Desktop for Mobiles Remote Desktop for Mobiles
Easy-to-use, reliable and secure remote access software for mobile phones.

Added on Sep 6, 2005
Version 2.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:1.48 MB
Download Living Cell 3D Screensaver Living Cell 3D Screensaver
Plunge inside the cell!

Added on Oct 29, 2005
Version 1.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:2.70 MB
Download Elite Freecell Elite Freecell
A new life of old good freecell.

Added on Oct 30, 2005
Version 1.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:2.25 MB
Download Inside the Cell 3D Screensaver Inside the Cell 3D Screensaver
Plunge inside the cell with this screensaver.

Added on Nov 4, 2005
Version 1.0
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:2.80 MB
Download Airlook Airlook
Provides wireless email, calendar, contacts and tasks on any cell phone.

Added on Nov 5, 2005
Version 4.5
 License [?]:Shareware
 File Size:17.74 MB
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