S7-Split Shift 6.3

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S7-Split Shift 6.3
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Version: 6.3
Size: 3.24 MB
Publisher: Shift Schedules
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License [?]: Shareware (USD$149.00 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Mac OS X
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 or later
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Publisher's Description of S7-Split Shift

" Assign split shifts (double shifts) to your employees for up to one month with Excel. "
- From Shift Schedules

This spreadsheet allows you to assign one or two shifts a day to several different categories of employees (like managers, cooks, bartenders and waiters) working in various locations (like Waiter Station A, Station B, etc). You specify employee daily and hourly availability and then make daily assignments from drop-down menus of qualified employees each day for up a month. This is a lot easier and quicker than any "pencil and paper" technique that you may be using and it assures that you don't have any holes in your schedule or that you don't waste money by overstaffing your shifts.

These spreadsheets are similar to our Series 4 Complex Shift Schedulers, except with these you can assign each employee two daily shifts. The S7-Split Shift spreadsheets keep track of your daily and weekly payroll based on employee hourly salary and scheduled hours including daily and weekly overtime pay.

The S7-Split Shift Schedulers Have the Following Features:
* Schedules employees to different locations (Hula Club, Beach Bar) - Very versatile and flexible.
* Schedules employees to various categories (Waiter, Bartender, Manager) - Everyone in one scheduler.
* Schedules employees to daily shifts for a month using drop-down menus.
* Allows you to assign 2 shifts per person per day (split shifts) - Great for before and after school shifts.
* Assures only qualified people are assigned to a location or category - No more bad assignments.
* Enforces age-related work rules - No worry about breaking child labor laws.
* Tracks labor costs and reports monthly budget by personnel category - A great budgeting tool.
* Creates monthly calendar and group schedules by location and category - Keep your people informed.
* Creates individual schedules showing shift, location and category - Give these to your employees.
* Transfer your schedule into your Outlook calendar, PDA or Smart Phone - Keep your schedule handy.
* Automatically e-mail schedules to your employees.

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