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wodImapServer 2.4.1
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Version: 2.4.1
Size: 3.84 MB
Publisher: WeOnlyDo Software
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$169.00 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows 7
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Publisher's Description of wodImapServer

" COM ImapServer ActiveX control. "
- From WeOnlyDo Software

IMAP ActiveX Server, IMAP Component
* Server side ActiveX for IMAP4 protocol
* No need for you to know IMAP specifications
* Set of events for all major client operations
* You take care of message storage - wodImapServer takes care of rest
* Installation contains x86 and x64 binaries
* Samples in VB, VC

- About IMAP protocol
IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a method of accessing electronic mail or bulletin board messages that are kept on a (possibly shared) mail server. In other words, it permits a "client" email program to access remote message stores as if they were local.

- Difference between POP3 and IMAP4
Difference between well known POP3 protocol and IMAP4 is that IMAP supports access to multiple folders - while POP3 knew only INBOX (one folder with messages). Instead of using your local system to create folders and move received messages to them for local archival, IMAP4 allows you to do the same - but still for messages to remain on remote system. This way you can access your messages from anywhere, using any client that supports IMAP4 (even web based emails) and still have access to *ALL* emails.

- WeOnlyDo! Implementation of IMAP server
wodImapServer is IMAP4rev1 implementation as defined by RFC2060.

Since wodImapServer is COM object and not the full application, there's few things developer should look after - simply because COM objects cannot deal with information that should be preserved between the sessions. Most important is to keep UID information (UNIQUE ID) for folders and messages. If you do so - wodImapServer will work flawlessly with any client that connects to it. On each client action wodImapServer will fire appropriate event where you can internally handle the action and return positive or negative result. You should also deal with message flags.

wodImapServer does not deal with message storage - you should do it by yourself. It will deal with structures and references to folders and messages - but actual contents of messages cannot be handled by wodImapServer. Rather, it will depend on your code when messages are accessed, hoping that you provided properly formatted messages and proper flag information. If you don't - it will not complain, but IMAP clients may...

You should consider all wodImapServer folder as virtual folders - none of them doesn't necessarily exist on your system. Each time wodImapServer requires list of folders, or list of messages - event is fired to notify you to populate his collections with appropriate information - and that's all. You can keep messages in database, on external system, or wherever you need - as long as you can provide necessary information on wodImapServer's request.

Limitations in downloadable version

30-day trial

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