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Katakana Flash Cards 1
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Version: 1
Size: 208 KB
Publisher: MySoftwareFactory.net
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$3.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows Vista
Requirements: .Net Framework 3.5
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Publisher's Description of Katakana Flash Cards

" Learn Faster. Flash Cards help you learn quicker. "
- From MySoftwareFactory.net

Learn Faster. Flash Cards help you learn quicker. No need to waste time studying what you already know. Katakana Flash Cards moves you quickly though information that you already know and keeps reviewing what you do not know. Information is presented in bite size pieces for quick understanding and memorization.

Katakana Flash Cards is intuitive and simple to use. It provides immediate feedback and allows you to visually observe your current progress.

Individual Focus. Katakana Flash Cards actively involves you in the study process. When an a question is answered correctly, it will be moved up to the next level. When a question is answered incorrectly, it is moved downward so that it can be reviewed more frequently. Learning is an individual process. Katakana Flash Cards ensures that new information is introduced only when an individual is ready to receive it.

Improved Leitner System. Katakana Flash Cards uses an improved Leitner System which allows accelerated acquisition of prepared information. New cards are introduced only as fast as old cards are learned. This allows everyone to learn at their own pace. Information that is well understood quickly rises to the last deck, while cards that are less familiar are reviewed at more frequent spaced intervals. Katakana Flash Cards also relies on the spacing effect which allows information to be reviewed at increasing time intervals to help one more easily remember what has been learned.

Increased Memory. Studies show that humans tend to forget half of newly learned concepts in just a few days if they do not review what they have learned. Spaced repetition based on active recall is the best way to reduced the effects of the forgetting curve. Katakana Flash Cards uses proven methods to strengthen memory and increase the speed of knowledge acquisition.

Limitations in downloadable version

Some features are limited.

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