AstroNav 1.1.6

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AstroNav 1.1.6
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Version: 1.1.6
Size: 8.46 MB
Publisher: NavSoft
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$32.00 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000
Requirements: Display size 800x640
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Publisher's Description of AstroNav

" An electronic Nautical Almanac that includes a comprehensive catalogue of stars. "
- From NavSoft

Using the same standards of accuracy as published tables but with a catalog extending beyond Barnard's Star; it can be used as a sight calculator, a definitive astronomical reference or simply to print daily Nautical Almanac pages.

Multiple sights can be plotted/ combined while allowing for changes in course and/ or speed. Once an altitude and bearing has been entered, a list of potential bodies will be offered so that ambiguous sights will be immediately apparent.

The other data available is comprehensive e.g. a Star Chart, twilight information, Moon phases and Eclipses. It will even print conventional Nautical Almanac pages for the full range of dates; 9999BC to 9999AD. The AltAz screen can be used to plan sights or to list bodies around a point on the celestial sphere either by altitude/ azimuth or by Declination and Hour Angle.

The outlines of the constellations is the best available including ones like Sextans which rarely look like a sextant. Bayer/ Flamsteed designations are provided for over 3,400 stars together with the names of over 500 stars. Henry Draper, Hipparchos Tycho and GCVS designations are also available.

The Voyage Plan is a sophisticated tool on its own. Tracks can be calculated from positions or tracks can be used to generate positions. ETAs can be calculated from speeds or speeds calculated from ETAs.

Limitations in downloadable version

Restricted to 2008.

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