Eclipse Fader for AOL 1.5.2

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Eclipse Fader for AOL 1.5.2
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Version: 1.5.2
Size: 2.51 MB
Publisher: Ignite Software
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$12.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000
Requirements: AOL Instant Messenger
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Publisher's Description of Eclipse Fader for AOL

" Enhance your AOL chat and e-mails with some color. "
- From Ignite Software

The Eclipse Fader is a fun and easy to use AOL add-on tool to enhance your America Online chatting experience! Fading is described as the blending of many colors to create a "gradient" effect with your text. Eclipse gives you the power to automatically fade your text in any AOL chat room, and includes extra features to fade your Instant Messages and AOL E-Mail for anyone to see.

With the ability to easily fade from 2 to 999 colors, your fade schemes and color combinations become endless! Eclipse also allows you to easily load and save your color schemes, so trading them with friends or loading your personal saved schemes is easy!

Eclipse has two main interfaces: "Eclipse Studio," which gives you total control over all of the program's many features, and an "Eclipse Essentials" which supplies you with everything you need to create fades, auto-fade your chat room text, and create astonishing multicolored E-Mails.


* The ability to fade up to 999 different Colors!
* Auto-Fading! Simply talk in a chat room as usual- Eclipse will fade it automatically on send!
* Easily fade your AOL Instant Messages!
* Fade and colorize all or parts of your AOL E-Mail!
* Multi-line Chat Room Enhancer - Lets you type as much as you want in chat rooms (no more 92 character limit!) ..or paste entire emails to a chat room... all wonderfully faded!
* Super easy to use color selector to completely customize your color fades!
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* Save your fades in individual files to easily trade your color-creation with friends!
* Full Windows integration - Download a fade file to your desktop, and be able to start Eclipse just by clicking on the file!
* Easy-to-Use interface - graphical tool tips automatically appear as you move your mouse over different parts of the program, and a detailed help file is included.
* HTML Viewer - Easily copy-and-paste your text fade into your own web page for great effects!

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