Pocket Cortona 1.5

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Pocket Cortona 1.5
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Version: 1.5
Size: 1.27 MB
Publisher: ParallelGraphics
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$19.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows CE, Pocket PC
Requirements: Pocket PC compatible device, high color display recommended, 8MB RAM
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Publisher's Description of Pocket Cortona

" 3D browser for viewing VRML scenes on wireless devices. "
- From ParallelGraphics

Pocket Cortona enables the development of a new generation of innovative services for the wireless market, including data visualization, location-based navigation, field maintenance, field sales, and entertainment applications.

Link 3D city maps with GIS/GPS systems. Provide complex maintenance procedures to remote locations. More effectively showcase product offerings to customers face to face.

Pocket Cortona enables a new range of interactive wireless services from data visualization, field maintenance, sales, location-based navigation to entertainment applications.

- CAD/Data visualization: Create dynamic and interactive 3D CAD visualizations for communicating design issues on the move.
- Location Based Services: link 3D city maps with GIS/GPS systems.
- Field Maintenance: Provide complex maintenance procedures to remote locations.
- Sales and Marketing: More effectively showcase product offerings to customers face to face.
- Medical, Scientific and Educational applications: Demonstrate concepts more effectively.
- Online Entertainment and Games with personal intellectual agents.

Product Specification
- VRML 97 Support - with the exception of Java, EAI, MovieTexture node, and ParallelGraphics' proprietary extensions such as NURBS, Spline, Drag & Drop Handling, Keyboard Input, and AdvancedAppearance.
- JavaScript support - Available in the Script node
- ActiveX - The ability to embed the Cortona ActiveX control in a HTML page (Pocket PC only)
- VRML scenes - Loading VRML scenes from the Internet
- WAV file - Format in the Sound node (for local files only)

With Cortona you can see and explore 3D worlds. There are two parts of the Cortona window:
- The 3D window, which shows VRML world;
- There are also pop-up menus, which commands you access by tapping the corresponding item below the 3D window.

There are three main navigation modes that Cortona offers: WALK, FLY and STUDY.
You can switch the navigation mode by choosing the navigation command from the Navigation menu.

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