Antispam Scanner 3.02

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Antispam Scanner 3.02
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Version: 3.02
Size: 1.25 MB
Publisher: Alexander Styopkin
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$19.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000
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Publisher's Description of Antispam Scanner

" A clear and simple way to remove spam messages directly from your email server. "
- From Alexander Styopkin

A clear and simple way to remove email messages directly from your email server, before it is downloaded into your computer.

The program's interface looks like traffic lights. It consists of two different colored zones. The first (green) zone is for friendly messages. The second zone (the red one) is for spam-messages.

Create account, which should be checked for spam, and then perform synchronization. The program will receive and sort messages’ subjects for each account. Revise and edit the results of this preliminary sorting. After that, empty your mailbox, performing synchronization once again.

The program will control all chores of primary sorting of letters, so that you would be able to just look through the list of messages, and quickly and easily make necessary changes. As a result, your mailbox will be quickly and safely cleaned. Controlling the process and the ability amend it at any time allows you to avoid losses of important letters.

Each message goes through the filters of White, Fiery and Black lists. If a letter did not get into one of the filters, it remains in the “indefinite” yellow field.

- White List of Rules. This list is of high priority: all letters are checked for correspondence with this list first. If the letter is recognized as a friendly one, it is placed into the friendly green field. If you are, say, an owner of an online business, it would be very convenient to add to the list the names of the services and products you provide. It is not recommended to set parts of address there, since spammers often use different addresses in message subjects.

- Fiery List of Rules. The list is intended for automatic deletion of manifest spam. The letters, which correspond with the rules of the Fiery List, will be deleted right away, without going to the lists of messages. This allows you to ignore manifest spam and thus save time, which is useful especially when you receive lots of spam of the same type. For example, every day you receive advertisement of one and the same product. In this case, you should enter the name of the product to the Fiery List of keywords, and thus all letters, which contain the name in its subjects, will be deleted without any assistance required. However, be reasonable and do not misuse this list.

- Black List of Rules. Letters, which correspond with the rules of this List of Rules, will be put to the spam list. There is no need to adjust this list manually, since as soon as you drag a letter to the spam zone, the program remembers the name of the sender and keywords from the subject of the message, and uses these data during each next sorting.

Limitations in downloadable version

1 email account

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