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Quorum 2.01
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Version: 2.01
Size: 1.08 MB
Publisher: NCH Swift Sound Software
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License [?]: Shareware (USD$129.00 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
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Publisher's Description of Quorum

" A software which runs as a phone conference server on any Windows PC. "
- From NCH Swift Sound Software

Phone Conferencing Software for Business.

Quorum is software which runs as a phone conference server on any Windows PC. Callers dial into the server to join telephone conferences.

Callers can connect to a conference call using either standard or VoIP lines on external telephone numbers or through an office phone system. The number of people who can join a conference call is limited only by your bandwidth.

When the caller selects the option to create a new conference Quorum will assign and read back the unique and secure conference number. The conference creator then gives this number to each conference participant. Whenever any person dials the server and enters this conference number, they will join in the current conversation with the other members of the conference.


* Create and manage call conferences
* Easy to use web interface
* Virtual conference room display via a web browser
* Ability to upload documents for attendees to view
* Runs on almost any Windows PC
* Handles unlimited simultaneous conferences.
* The number of calls and conferences is limited only by your bandwidth
* Connect via VoIP using the international standard SIP protocol.
* Connect to ordinary phone lines (or analog PBX extensions) using telephony devices
* Easily allocate new conference IDs over the phone
* Join pre-defined conferences with the allocated conference number
* Voice prompts are easily changed via the user interface
* VoIP calls can be made using VoIP SIP Providers saving call costs
* Installs and ready to run conferences in just minutes
* Very simple user interface for day-to-day easy business use

To connect to phone line(s) you need one of the following:

* A telephone number with a SIP based VoIP service provider.
* A VoIP based office telephone system (try the Axon PC PABX).
* To connect to ordinary lines a professional telephony board.

Limitations in downloadable version

14-day trial.

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