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SiteUnseen 3.4
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Version: 3.4
Size: 3.75 MB
Publisher: Itc InterNetworks
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$14.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000
Requirements: Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6
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Publisher's Description of SiteUnseen

" Search, find, download and save files from web sites automatically. "
- From Itc InterNetworks

SiteUnseen is the website content analyzer and download manager that parses HTML and JavaScript in Web Pages, finds, downloads and saves user specified file types, jpg, mp3, mpg, etc and searches the website following links, analyzing pages and finding files throughout the site.

Character set independent SiteUnseen will analyze pages regardless of the alphabet or language the page is to be displayed in.
When a search starts on a url SiteUnseen reads and analyzes the page, locating content files as well as links to other pages, internal and external to the website. SiteUnseen will follow links throughout the site finding files until all the pages have been read and analyzed or user specified search limits have been exceeded. Files that meet your selection requirements may then be downloaded.


* Analyze WebPages written in HTML and JavaScript regardless of the language and alphabet the page would be displayed in.
Complex JavaScript code is analyzed outside the context of Internet Explorer so that security flaws in the Microsoft operating system and browser cannot be exploited.
* Control the file selection process by:
- Selecting the file types. eg. jpg, mpg, mp3 etc, to be located.
- Setting limits on a files minimum and maximum size.
- Setting a file size allowance for files received less or greater than their expected content length.
* Control the extents of a search by:
- Specifying the number of levels that a search should tunnel into a website.
- Restricting or allowing a search to cross domains.
- Restricting the number of files to be found during a search.
* Adjustable Network Delay.
- Reduces the bandwidth available to SiteUnseen thus improving the responsiveness of other network applications.
- Moderates the rate of requests to the web server.
* Incorporation of search accelerators that execute focused searches on a number of popular services which greatly improves performance.
- Currently these services include:
. Yahoo Groups Photo Albums and Files. (Including The Latest Version Featuring Full Size Original Photos and 100GB Of Storage.)
. Google Groups Message Attachments.
. Epson Photo Albums.
. WebShots Community Photo Albums.
Additional accelerators can be developed upon request and be plugged in without upgrading or installing software.
* Integrates with Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, DHTML as well as their underlying network components so that:
- Your Privacy Settings are enforced.
- The web server transparently sees SiteUnseen as if it were your web browser.
- Searches can be made on websites that require a visitor to login.
- Network and cookie authentication are independently supported for websites and proxy/firewall access.
- Network access is made strictly through the methods that are specified in your connection options.
- The SiteUnseen address bar can be updated automatically as Internet Explorer navigates.
* Categorized file types:
- Assist in locating file types for selection.
- Edit functionality so obsolete file types can be removed or new ones added.
- 90 predefined file types in 8 categories.
- Allowance for 40 file types within a category.
* Import external files containing URL's to web pages and/or content files and then execute multiple search and save operations.
* Analyze a single page for URL's and save the results into a file that can be edited and/or imported as an external file.
* Implements Dynamic Memory Buffer Allocation for improved responsiveness.
* Settable number of retries for certain network errors.
* Settable network timeout interval.
* Optional Search log file that is updated with information about a search including the Time/Date, URL and the number of files found.

Limitations in downloadable version

Download capabilities limited during trial.

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