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Karvonite 4.05
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Version: 4.05
Size: 4.00 MB
Publisher: AdventurerLand Entertainment
Date Added:
License [?]: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows CE, Windows 98, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
Requirements: .NET Framework 2
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Publisher's Description of Karvonite

" An object persistence framework for the .Net platform including the .Net Compact Framework and the XNA framework. "
- From AdventurerLand Entertainment

Karvonite is an object persistence framework for the .NET platform including the .NET Compact Framework and the XNA framework. Karvonite's goal is to relive the developer from all common data persistence related programming tasks.

It can save you from writing a lot of boring the thus error-prone code for moving the in-memory objects to and from the data storage.

The Karvonite API is very simple and provides a gradual learning curve with a very low entry point.

Karvonite provides a new direction for how small to mid-size applications can store and deploy data.

Karvonite is designed to be non-invasive to your code and requires no interfaces or base classes for saving objects. It lets you use your objects as you will. Your objects can be concerned about your business domain, and be mostly ignorant of how they are shared.

Key Features:

- Transparently save/load .NET objects.
- Non-invasive (no interfaces, base classes or special attributes required).
- Automatically handles object graphs and references (shared and circular).
- Easy to use and deploy
- Supports .NET Framework 3.5, XNA 3.1 (Windows, XBox360, Zune) and .NET Compact Framework 3.5
- New! Multi user concurrency (Karvonite 4.0)
- New! Undo capabilities (Karvonite 4.0)

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