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Publisher: Raosoft, Inc
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License [?]: Open Source
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Mac OS X
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Publisher's Description of JSDB

" A JavaScript shell designed with data-driven, network-centric programming in mind. "
- From Raosoft, Inc

JSDB is JavaScript for databases, a scripting language for data-driven, network-centric programming on Windows, Mac, Linux, and SunOS. JSDB works with databases, XML, the web, and email. It is free and open-source. Use it as a JavaScript shell, to run CGI programs, or as a web server.

JSDB can be used as a database interface, XML processor, and internet-oriented scripting language. JSDB can do nearly any batch processing task that Visual Basic can do, and it has drivers to let you read and send email, query a MySQL database, and run regular expression searches, without having to learn a specific SQL syntax or install a bunch of ActiveX components. JSDB has everything you need to write a web server or database middleware, with a graphical debugger, itself written in JSDB.

What is it?
JSDB is based on Mozilla SpiderMonkey and class libraries. Additional functionality or even less restrictive license terms may be purchased from Raosoft, Inc.

JSDB can treat any DBF/xBase, ASCII, Oracle, Sybase, DB/2, Postgres, MySql, Access, or Microsoft SQL Server table equivalently, translating high-level (set(row,field,value), get(row,field)) function calls to database-specific SQL commands. The same applies to email: you can communicate with Lotus Notes, Exchange (MAPI), and SMTP/POP3 mail systems interchangably with a single set of function calls.

JSDB also includes a stream object that gives you a common interface to files, COM ports, sockets, HTTP, pipes, and memory. The ability to treat memory as if it were a file helps you write reusable code that is easily adapted to a variety of situations.

For writing distributed XML web applications, JSDB comes with an Internet server component and an XML parser, both implemented in a balance of C++ and JavaScript for optimum speed and flexibility.

You might use JSDB to:
* translate XML into SQL statements,
* translate SQL databases into XML,
* generate HTML documentation from an XML or Oracle database,
* download web pages while you sleep,
* index their contents in a database,
* send personalized email based on a database,
* or run a web database

It includes a simple and fault-tolerant XML parser library, and a specialized parser for EFS forms used by Raosoft's EZSurvey and InterForm programs.

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