Hyperic HQ 4.3.0 Open Source

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Hyperic HQ 4.3.0 Open Source
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Version: 4.3.0 Open Source
Size: 206.70 MB
Publisher: Hyperic, Inc.
Date Added:
License [?]: Open Source
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Mac OS X, Linux
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Publisher's Description of Hyperic HQ

" Manage and monitor your web applications wherever they are: in your data center, a virtual environment, or the cloud. "
- From Hyperic, Inc.

Manage web applications in your datacenter or in the cloud. Deployment automation. Optimized for virtualized environments.

Hyperic HQ manages web applications wherever they are: in your data center, a virtual environment, or the cloud.

Hyperic monitors and manages your applications and infrastructure 24x7 ensuring the shortest downtime, and immediate notification of performance degradation or service unavailability.

Through a variety of flexible and advanced alerting conditions, triggered actions and escalation schemes IT and web operations teams can feel confident that their applications and infrastructure are performing optimally.

HQ automatically discovers, monitors, and manages software and network resources, regardless of type or location.

HQ provides a single pane view of performance and availability for companies running apps on any or all popular platforms, including Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, VMware, and Amazon Web Services.

With fast deployment, enterprise security, and extensibility, organizations will save time and meet SLAs.


* Deployment and Administration
- Auto-discovery

* Monitoring
- Monitor metrics
- Track performance, configuration and security changes
- Historical charting and graphing performance
- Customizable dashboard
- JMX MBean Query

* Alerting
- Availability alerting
- Event alerting
- Escalation schemes

* Control
- User initiated control actions

* Extensibility
- Nagios intergration
- Plugin Development Kit for resource plugins
- HQU Framework for UI, Automation and Integration Plugins
- Web Services API

* Support Services
- Hyperic Forums
- Hyperic Documentation

Technologies Managed by Hyperic

* Operating Systems
AIX Monitoring
HP/UX Monitoring
Linux Monitoring
Solaris Monitoring
Windows Monitoring
Mac OSX Monitoring
FreeBSD Monitoring

* Web Servers
Apache Monitoring
IIS Monitoring
Sun Java System Monitoring

* Application Servers
WebLogic Monitoring
WebSphere Monitoring
JBoss Monitoring
Apache Geronimo
ColdFusion Monitoring
JRun Monitoring
.Net Runtime Monitoring
Tomcat Monitoring
Glassfish Monitoring
Resin Monitoring

* Databases
DB2 Monitoring
SQL Server Monitoring
MySQL Monitoring
Oracle Monitoring
PostgreSQL Monitoring
Sybase Monitoring

* Messaging Middleware
ActiveMQ Monitoring
IBM MQ Monitoring

* Microsoft Technology
MS Exchange Monitoring
Microsoft Active Directory Monitoring
Microsoft .Net Monitoring

* Virtualization
VMware Monitoring
XenServer Monitoring

* Mail Servers
Postfix Monitoring
Sendmail Monitoring
Zimbra Monitoring

* Network Management
Alfresco Monitoring
Bind Monitoring
MemCached Monitoring
Network Device Monitoring
Network Services Monitoring
Nagios Monitoring
NTP Monitoring
ZXTM Monitoring
Custom Monitoring

* Application Management
JMX Monitoring

* Application Platforms
LAMP Monitoring
LAM-J Monitoring
J2EE Monitoring

* Distributed Platforms
Bind Monitoring
NTP Monitoring

Download Notes:
In order to properly run HQ, you'll need to download at least two components (except for the Windows MSI version):

* HQ Server Package - Core monitoring engine & user interface that allows you to manage your entire IT infrastructure from one central computer.
* HQ Agent Package - Each platform that you wish to monitor requires an "agent" to report back to the HQ server (i.e. if you wish to monitor Apache on Linux, and Apache on Solaris, you'd want to download both the Linux and Solaris agent packages).

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