MindTouch (formerly DekiWiki) 9.12.3 Core

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MindTouch (formerly DekiWiki) 9.12.3 Core
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Version: 9.12.3 Core
Size: 52.50 MB
Publisher: MindTouch, Inc.
Date Added:
License [?]: Open Source
Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Mac OS X, Linux
Requirements: Web server with PHP and MySQL
Download Links: Download MindTouch (formerly DekiWiki)
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Publisher's Description of MindTouch (formerly DekiWiki)

" A popular enterprise wiki and collaboration platform suitable for do-it-yourself developers. "
- From MindTouch, Inc.

MindTouch not just an award winning and easy to use web application for sharing, it's also a platform. MindTouch is similar to CMS web frameworks like Drupal, Mambo, Joomla and DotNetNuke, but a wiki in nature; therefore making it community-centric and significantly easier for end-users to participate. Also, it has a complete application programming interface (API) for programmers and extending MindTouch can be done in any programming language.

Great Interface and WYSIWYG
Not only is it intuitive and easy to use, it's actually fun! Edit a page. You'll immediately notice that MindTouch has a WYSIWYG, or rich text, editor similar to a light-weight word processor. There is no arcane or non-standard markup language. You can copy/paste from office documents or other web pages. Linking is as easy as selecting the text and navigating to the page or attachment you wish to link.

Pages and Files
Creating pages and attaching files is just a click away. Users of MindTouch can attach documents and images to individual pages. Images are presented in an attractive image gallery. At a glance you one can see who edited pages, attached files or written essays, when it was done, and read a description of the action that is automatically generated or manually provided.

Nothing is ever lost in MindTouch. Every edit is tracked and versioned. Users can compare versions of pages. Similarly, file attachments are versioned. When a user links to a file the link will always point to the most recent version of the attached file. Likewise, if a user renames a page all links to this page will be properly maintained.

MindTouch has one of the most advanced permission systems available. MindTouch administrators can make wikis public or private, anonymous or not. There is user groups support. Users can permission entire hierarchies to create private or non-editable workspaces or permission single pages. MindTouch has built in support for LDAP, Active Directory, Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla.

Finding and Organizing Content
MindTouch provides many ways to organize content. Hierarchies allow users to define a taxonomy of pages. This is a very natural way to organize things. Test understands a family tree.

MindTouch also allows tagging. Tag folksonomies are wonderfully useful when using systems with multiple users. With MindTouch a user can use key word tags, date and time tags, and define tag categories.

As users add content to MindTouch the time the content is added is tracked. There are many ways to browse content chronologically. We call these chronologies. Users can follow recent changes chronologically throughout an entire wiki site, on a per page basis, or based on individual users' contributions.

If users are especially interested in some pages they can create a watchlist of pages.

Another of the many ways MindTouch is unique is that it comes with an enterprise strength search engine named Lucene.

Subscribe! MindTouch generates RSS feeds in a number of ways.

* Enterprise and Collaboration Features
- Email notifications of page and section udpates

* Security, Permissions and Management
- User groups
- User and group roles
- Advanced user and group permissions
- SSL encryption support for secure data transfer

* Development Features
- Complete access to web-service extensions
- Write custom web-service extensions
- Write custom PHP plugins
- Complete access to DekiScript application authoring

* Deployment, Configuration and Maintenance
- Hosting: Self
- Downloadable for self install

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