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ADinf32 3.02
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Version: 3.02
Size: 4.42 MB
Publisher: ADinf Development Team
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License [?]: Shareware (USD$19.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 7, Windows 2000
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Publisher's Description of ADinf32

" A new generation of disk inspectors and integrity checkers. "
- From ADinf Development Team

ADinf32 is a new generation of disk inspectors and integrity checkers. Although ADinf32 inherited the fundamentals from its predecessor, well-known disk inspector ADinf, it's an absolutely new product that offers you a variety of new features:

* ADinf32 is built around a true 32-bit multi-thread architecture.
* ADinf32 offers a modern friendly user interface.
* ADinf32 can check your system in asynchronous mode. This means that you can view the scan results for one drive, while other drives are being scanned, which makes the check process less time-consuming.
* ADinf32 is able to parce macros in MS Word and Excel documents and detect macro-viruses.
* ADinf32 implements the fast CRC check of the following file formats:
- COM (MS-DOS COM-executable files),
- MZ (MS-DOS EXE-executable files),
- NE (Windows 3.xx executable files)
- PE (Windows 9x/NT/XP/Vista executable files),
- LE (VxD).
* ADinf32 correctly handles double changes in the file system, such as "file renamed and modified" or "file moved to another folder and then modified".
* ADinf32 detects companion viruses.
* ADinf32 offers flexible check levels. If you are familiar with ADinf, you probably know that you can mark a folder as "working", which means you do not wish to monitor the changes in this folder. ADinf32 makes a step further, offering you an opportunity to assign check attributes to an individual file, not only to a folder.
* ADinf32 lets you dynamically filter the scan results displayed on the screen and immediately updates the scan statistics when you change the filter.
* ADinf32 detects and correctly handles changes in the file system when disk scan takes place in the multi-task environment.
* ADinf32 keeps and analyzes the global history of all disk changes.
* ADinf32 supports NTFS file system.

What does ADinf do?
ADinf takes a "snapshot" of your computer, and compares it with prior snapshots. A comparison of two snapshots allows you to see what has changed.

Why would I want to look at such a comparison?
Typically, you wouldn't. If your computer suddenly misbehaves, you will find this comparison invaluable. You can identify documents mistakenly deleted, accumulated junk, etc.

Then what does my virus scanner do?
Most computer users now have a virus scanner or scanner/monitor that looks for viruses hidden in files (e.g. Email attachments), and for active viruses (programs) operating in memory. The scanner will usually call for deletion of a file found to contain a virus.

So if a scanner does that, why do I need ADinf?
Some scanners are better than others. No scanner is perfect. New, "improved" viruses are designed to slip by the best scanners. Let's call these invisible viruses. ADinf will not see invisible viruses either - but it WILL see the effects of an invisible virus. These effects will be new, changed, or deleted data files, and new or "infected" executable files. Any of these effects will be observed by ADinf and reported to you.

Limitations in downloadable version

90-day trial.

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