Ultimate Security Suite 2.04

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Ultimate Security Suite 2.04
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Version: 2.04
Size: 21.06 MB
Publisher: C Point
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$49.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
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Publisher's Description of Ultimate Security Suite

" Protect your privacy and data - secure your PC from a single location. "
- From C Point

Fortify your computer against all threats - without compromising your browsing experience and your PC performance.

Protect your privacy and data with Ultimate Security Suite and effortlessly shield your PC from a single location.

In short, here is what Ultimate Security does for you:

* Surf the web undetected: shield yourself against identity theft and secure your PC
* Anonymous Surfing takes one click - the program automates everything else
* Anonymous Surfing maintains the database of anonymous web surfing online servers (thousands of them!) to route your traffic through
* The program measures the speed of the servers, finding the fastest ones to use
* You can even enhance your security by automatically changing the server at the intervals you specify
* While you continue to browse the web undetected, Anonymous Surfing continues to scan for faster servers in the background - and improving your Internet experience
* Stop all unsolicited network connections and access to your computer with Personal Firewall - without impeding your browsing
* Monitor and if necessary log all activity
* If you suspect a virus, instantly shut down all network activity - with one click
* Shield your computer from hackers
* Control which programs on your computer can access the Internet
* Enjoy great browsing experience - unlike the competition, Ultimate Security Suite does not slow you down when you browse the Internet
* Allows trusted zone computers to access your machine unimpeded
* Junk all your junk mail - automatically, while allowing all your legitimate mail to get through safely
* Fill in your Internet forms and website passwords instantly - without compromising your security
* Manage your passwords for multiple profiles/identities - ideal if you use more than one address, or if more than one person is using the computer
* Easily find, navigate to, and fill in all the forms you have saved
* Eliminate the digital trail you leave every time you browse the Internet or simply use your computer
* Wipe out your Internet Browser history, typed URLs and filled-in forms
* Protect your privacy - and erase the clutter clogging up your computer
* Get rid of the cookies tracking down your browsing activity - while preserving the ones you want to keep
* Wipe out your Windows activity
* Eliminate your Microsoft Office tracks
* Use the Internet Browser Plug-in Analyzer to tell precisely which helper objects you are using - and instantly disable the ones you do not want
* Monitor your connections - to avoid nasty surprises from intruders

Limitations in downloadable version

30-day trial.

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