Sony XFX 1 DirectX Plug-Ins 1.0c

Program Specifications

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Version: 1.0c
Size: 1.50 MB
Publisher: Sony Media Software
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$34.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000
Requirements: 200 MHz processor, 16MB RAM, DirectX 6.0, DirectX-compatible host application
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Publisher's Description of Sony XFX 1 DirectX Plug-Ins

" Enhance your digital audio with six classic effects. "
- From Sony Media Software

The XFX 1 DirectX Audio Plug-Ins collection is the first in our series of high-quality DirectX Plug-Ins. These powerful effects save you time and money and rival results you can achieve from an entire rack of hardware. Choose from 19 different reverb types, lush chorus, and multi-tap delay. Change pitch without changing time, or change time without changing pitch, all while previewing the results before you commit them to your audio. Each effect gives you sweet sounding results.

XFX 1 features six discrete plug-ins: Chorus, Multi-Tap Delay, Pitch Shift, Reverb, Simple Delay/Echo, and Time Compress/Expand. For ultimate compatibility, XFX 1 installs into and operates seamlessly in any program that fully supports DirectX Plug-Ins.

Why XFX 1?
* Cost effective replaces an entire rack of hardware, generally costing thousands of dollars, at a fraction of the cost.
* Modular use them with any DirectX-compatible host software.
* Saves development time preview effects in real time before you commit them to your audio files.
* Saves processing time with DirectX Plug-Ins, you can process effects more quickly, about 15% faster than those typically built into audio software.

* Modulation Depth, Frequency, and Feedback controls
* Three Chorus Depths
* Variable Low-Pass Filter
* Chorus Phase Reversal

Multi-Tap Delay:
* 8 Discrete Taps with variable Amplitude, Pan, and Delay times
* Modulation creates chorusing effects
* Variable Low-Pass Filter
* Chorus Phase Reversal

Pitch Shift:
* Pitch Adjustments do not affect Tempo or Duration
* Multiple Algorithms specially tuned for particular types of material
* Pitch Shift + or - 50 Semitones (over 4 Octaves)
* Real-time previews on slower machines using multiple accuracy modes
* Pitch Shift with precision down to cents (100 cents in a semitone)

* Simulation of various acoustical spaces
* 19 different Reverb types
* Multiple Early Reflection modes
* Adjustable Decay and Pre-Decay times
* High- and Low-Pass EQ

Simple Delay/Echo:
* Effects from subtle timbral changes to vast echo chambers
* Adjustable Delay times between 1 millisecond and 5 seconds
* Delay Feedback Decay times up to 20 seconds

Time Compress/Expand:
* Tempo or Duration adjustments do not affect Pitch
* Multiple algorithms specially tuned for particular types of material
* Compression up to 50% and Expansion up to 500%

Limitations in downloadable version

Unlimited time, limited functionality (no saving) demo

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