Sony XFX 3 DirectX Plug-Ins 1.0c

Program Specifications

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Version: 1.0c
Size: 1.50 MB
Publisher: Sony Media Software
Date Added:
License [?]: Shareware (USD$34.95 to buy)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000
Requirements: 200MHz processor, 16MB RAM, DirectX 6.0, DirectX-compatible host application
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Publisher's Description of Sony XFX 3 DirectX Plug-Ins

" Enhance your digital audio with six eclectic effects. "
- From Sony Media Software

The XFX 3 DirectX Audio Plug-Ins collection is the third in our series of high-quality DirectX Plug-Ins. It adds an arsenal of unique and expressive effects to your virtual audio rack. These aren't standard "cookie cutter" effects—they are expressly designed so that you can personalize your projects in whatever way you choose. Select effects that range from hard-driving distortion to psychedelic vibrato, and you'll create exotic, unusual sounds that can only come from your imagination. With XFX 3 you can push your creativity to the limits.

XFX 3 features six discrete plug-ins: Amplitude Modulation, Distortion, Flange/Wah-Wah, Gapper/Snipper, Smooth/Enhance, and Vibrato. For ultimate compatibility, XFX 3 installs into and operates seamlessly in any program that fully supports DirectX Plug-Ins.

Why XFX 3?
* Cost effective — replaces an entire rack of hardware, generally costing thousands of dollars, at a fraction of the cost.
* Modular — use them with any DirectX-compatible host software.
* Saves development time — preview effects in real time before you commit them to your audio files.
* Saves processing time — with DirectX Plug-Ins, you can process effects more quickly, about 15% faster than those typically built into audio software.

Amplitude Modulation:
* Graphic waveform manipulation for infinite variations of the effect
* Precision control of dry and wet signals
* Modulation frequency up to 5,000 Hz
* Integrated variable low-pass filter
* Phase-based panning effects for stereo files

* Graphical editing of distortion curves for complete flexibility
* Individual positive and negative signal polarity settings
* Variable slew rates for added realism
* Integrated variable low-pass filter

* Classic 60's effects
* Adjustable Flanging, Phasing, and Wah-Wah between .1 and 20 Hz
* Complete control of resonance and center frequency
* Control over output mixture of dry to wet signals

* Effects from stutter to fuzz distortion
* Gap or snip rates between 1 and 1,000 Hz
* Gap or snip durations between .0001 and 1 seconds
* Option to fade transitions to eliminate nasty clicks

* Enhances the aural tonality of your audio signals
* Smoothes the rough edges of distorted recordings

* Effects ranging from lush vibrato to super modulation
* Controllable modulation frequencies between .1 and 1,000 Hz
* Graphic waveform manipulation for infinite variations of the effect

Limitations in downloadable version

Unlimited time, limited functionality (no saving) demo

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